Our reporter interviewed wang Beiming, the first coach: Ren Ziwei was not afraid of the game scene since he was young

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“When Ren Ziwei was very young, I told him that the ice rink is a battlefield, and he would rather be killed than be scared to death.So from an early age, he was not afraid of any game, any big situation.”Wang Beiming, 67, who has trained Ren Ziwei for eight years, recalled many of his beloved students’ past in an interview with liaoshen Evening News.In the memory of his first coach, Wang Beiming, Ren Ziwei was a child with distinctive characteristics. “He eats fast, walks fast, talks fast, is honest, focused and does not like to watch the excitement. He is born to do sports.”Ren Ziwei, 25, won two gold MEDALS in three days, making China’s first men’s 1,000m title. Ren Ziwei, 25, was the highlight of the short track speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Originally, Wang Beiming wanted to watch the competition quietly by himself, but because of repeated invitations from his friends, now Coach Wang, who teaches the speed skating team in the competitive sports school of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, still went to Beijing to participate in a program.In the studio, Wang Beiming witnessed his beloved disciples got two gold, and these two times, his mood is different.”When I won the first gold medal in the mixed team relay, I was very excited because it was the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation and there were two of my own students, but WHEN Ren Ziwei won the second gold medal, I was calm.”Wang beiming said he was calm because after Ren ziwei reached the semifinals of the 1,000-meter race, he thought the gold medal was already in his hands, seeing his good form and confidence from what he knew about his apprentice.From the discovery of Ren Ziwei to send him to Harbin city team, Wang Beiming led Ren Ziwei training for a full decade.Made the national team before 18, became world champion, Olympic champion…Ren Ziwei fulfilled his promise to his first coach.Ren Ziwei and his senior brother Zhang Hongchao (left) visit Wang Beiming’s home. They eat fast, walk fast and talk fast since childhood. Wang Beiming chose Ren Ziwei in 2004, when Ren had just entered primary school, and he took an eye to Ren Ziwei.”He has the aggressive spirit of a military family, and he does a good standing long jump.”At that time, he decided that it was a good seedling and made up his mind to have high standards and strict requirements for it.In this way, Ren Ziwei followed Wang Beiming to learn short track speed skating for eight years, until he was selected to the Harbin team.”When he was less than nine or ten years old, I thought he would definitely play in the national team, because he is hard-working and has a strong will, and he has great potential.When I took him to a race, he used to go crazy when I goaded him.He’s a natural for racing.”In January 2007, ren ziwei finished in the top six in his first national competition when he was less than 10 years old.Ren ziwei is very focused when training. He does not like watching the crowd and is not easily influenced by others.”This is probably what I instilled in Ren Ziwei since childhood. We are the kind of people who will not join in the bustle when they see a lot of people on the street.I used to tell him to be steady no matter what happened around him.When it’s time to race, even if there’s a tornado, don’t care what’s going on.”In Wang beiming’s memory, Ren Ziweizi did everything quickly since childhood, eating fast, walking fast and talking fast.”When his teammates eat together, he eats so fast that he usually eats only a third of the way through the meal.Wolf vomit tiger swallow of, eat steamed stuffed bun finished I ask him what stuffing of he don’t know.””He was so solid that he didn’t care where he fell since he was a kid, as if he didn’t fall himself.”However, even the tiniest children can be broken. Ren Ziwei has broken bones twice.Wang recalled that Ren first broke a bone in April 2010 when he led his team to a provincial competition. Ren made a mistake and broke the bone.At that time, Ren Ziwei’s mother was a little shaken, so Coach Wang became Ren Ziwei’s therapist and tutor during that period.Every morning, I went to Ziwei’s house to do his rehabilitation.Unable to practice his lower limbs, he practiced his upper body strength, and soon ren ziwei recovered.Back to the sports school, he worked very hard, determined to train hard, bent on making up for the time lost because of the fracture.However, in 2011, Ren suffered another fracture while competing.This time Ren ziwei’s mother decided not to let her son continue training.And this injury to ren Ziwei and Coach Wang’s blow are particularly big.But Coach Wang still believes in his judgment that the boy has a future.So, once, twice, three times, he went to work for Zi Wei and his parents.”I told Zi Wei that people should have their own business and do the right thing. When you decide to do something, don’t make excuses for yourself and stick to it.”At last, the master and the apprentice joined hands, one big and one small.In the following three months, Coach Wang visited him every morning to help him recover, and his father sent him to the attached high school for training in the afternoon.In the spring of 2012, Wang beiming led Ren Aitu to compete again, and Ren Ziwei was invincible at that time.”The two consecutive years of broken bones did not break Ren ziwei, but also made him more confident and stronger.”Wang Beiming said with a smile.Finally, in 2014, after less than two years in the city team, Ren Ziwei was called up to join the national team. At the age of 17, he fulfilled his appointment with Coach Wang in advance.After retiring, he was hired by a team in the south because he liked the ice and snow atmosphere here. But two years ago, he chose to teach at the competitive Sports school of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education.”The training conditions here are very good, with its own rink and facilities. I like the ice culture here and the emphasis on athletes’ cultural education.”Wang Beiming said, Shen Sports school principal Meng Chunyuan pay special attention to the study of the players, this point is very admire her, and his idea is very fit.In November 2020, after coming to Shenyang, Wang Beiming was very serious every day.”This is my final piece of work. I’ll retire when I’m seventy at the most. There’s so much training I’ve got to bring them out.”After graduating from The Physical education major of Harbin Normal College, Wang met a group of children who were full of love for skating at the ice rink. From then on, his life was closely linked to the skating training center.Wang started his career in speed skating and changed it to short track in 1998.Over the 46 years of hard work, he has written more than 70 training diaries, totaling more than 4 million words.Wang Beiming admits that he is a very strict coach.But strictly is only about training games, and in life he has a good relationship with his players.For 46 years, Wang Beiming has had peaches and plums all over the world.His student, Zhang Yuting, coached the team, Fan Hongwen, and others, like Zhang hongchao, who officiated at the Beijing Games, were among those who won the 2000-meter relay.Wang Beiming is good at discovering and training good skaters. He is very strict in selecting talents and has his own four criteria — interest is the most important, children should first like skating;Second is mental, communication process to respond quickly;Then is the physical quality, he likes to pick love thin children, small fat he does not want, the height of the parents or a little higher;Finally, home education, parental recognition of his training.When he first met Ren Ziwei, he thought the boy met his criteria.Ren Ziwei is a proud student of Shen Shi. He is the outstanding graduate of sports Training in the class of 2021 from the School of Sports Science, Shenyang Normal University.The reporter interviewed Zhou Ying, the dean of sports Science College of Shenyang Normal University. According to Zhou Ying, after Ren Ziwei won the gold medal, all the teachers and students in the school were very excited, they felt very proud, and also promoted the students’ enthusiasm for skating.”Ren ziwei was a very good short track speed skater when she first came to us.During his time at school, he played a big role in promoting the school’s sports culture by interacting with classmates and giving interviews to the press corps.”According to Zhou Ying, the school started recruiting speed skating students in 2008. Wang Hai, a physical education teacher at the school, first met Ren ziwei in a short track speed skating competition held in Shenyang in 2014.Later, Ren Ziwei learned that zhang Hongchao, a senior member of the sports team, applied for shenyang Normal University, and also chose to study in Shenyang for his undergraduate studies.Wang Hai is an international short-track speed skating judge. He is the domestic technical officer of short-track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, in charge of timing.Learned, to the Beijing Olympics as an opportunity, shenyang normal university, institute of sports science and sports winter sports management center of liaoning province in the ice and snow sports athletic talent training, scientific research and group competition and so on in-depth cooperation, enforce the support to teachers and students of ice and snow sports, have carried out a series of activities.Liaoshen Evening News reporter Wang Guannan editor: Han Yu