Qinji Town “Lion Dance, Flower drum, Laughter and Yuanxiao”

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to vigorously promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, enrich the festive cultural life of township residents, let the majority of residents in joy, civilization, harmony, festive atmosphere to celebrate the festival, in recent days, Qinji town and villages make full use of the new era of civilization practice, station, actively carried out the “Our festival · Yuanxiao” theme activities.This activity, Qinji town attaches great importance to, the villages actively participate in, through online wechat notice, radio publicity, offline Posting announcements and other forms in the town to create a lively festive atmosphere.Festival on the same day, hosted by the qin town practice of the new era of civilization, the qin dynasty set village station to undertake new era civilization practice “we make yuanxiao festival, the lantern lion dance, flower drum spread good news” activity in the qin dynasty set village, bring the audience a wonderful flower drum lamp performances, the actors are in high spirit, gongs, attired, won the applause of the audience.This activity opened in the unique lion dance performance, the performance team side performance and the audience close interaction, the whole program mighty, thriving, let the strong Atmosphere of the Lantern Festival infected every audience.New era civilization practice standing high insuperior village, flower drum lamp not only bring the audience the lion dance, and square dance, taking wonderful programs, such as the scene audience JiaoHaoSheng from time to time, many viewers said that more loved such activities, a rich and fulfilling the Lantern Festival this year, the children can feel from the traditional Chinese festivals and culture connotation and charm.In addition to wonderful artistic performances, there are also packages of yuanxiao, lanterns, lantern riddles, Qin Jicun new era practice square, the staff will be prepared early more than 300 selected riddles hanging high on the rope, we are discussing the riddles, the activity scene a peaceful and festive atmosphere.Zaolin village some enthusiastic people actively participate in the dumplings link, we mix stuffing, knead flour, dumplings, eat dumplings, face is permeated with happiness.Qin towns, villages, the new age by practice of the new era of civilization civilization practice a series of activities carried out, let the people further understand the importance of the traditional festival theme activities, let everybody feel the charm of the Chinese traditional culture, and to better understand the connotation of the new era of civilization practice, promote the new era of civilization practice is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, take root.