Wuxi: Visit Qian Zhongshu, Xue Fucheng, former residence is the biggest privacy

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Article | YuZhenHong Sue chi association: hong-jie fan, YuZhenHong in wuxi city, the sun on time off work.When I arrived at the hotel, I put down my luggage and went out for dinner. The front door diagonally opposite was the former residence of Qin Bangxian.Qin Bangxian, that is, Bo Gu, when we read, some textbooks.Fan hongjie said: in the future, we specifically take a textbook route.Great idea. Sell it to a travel agency. Maybe make a fortune.To the west of the former residence of Qian Jibo, Qian Zhongshu, Qian Zhonghan, cross a crossroad, it is Lao Jie, pass qian Zhongshu’s former residence, the door is closed, may wish, come again tomorrow.There was a small pub nearby. Fan ordered Wuxi yellow rice wine and said while drinking: Wuxi wine is really sweet.When it comes to the sweetness of Wuxi, I think of an old saying: Jiangyin does not begin, Wuxi does not speak.It is said that jiangyin people practice fists more, Wuxi people can sing, sweet voice.Fan hongjie likes Kun opera and Tin opera, but not sweet wine. I don’t know why?The street where we had dinner, which used to be called Seven Feet Field, is now called New Street Alley, which looks like north Street in Marijuana town.However, the big families with old roots and new alleys were all the top ones. Undoubtedly, the qian Zhongshu family was the most knowledgeable.The biggest business, in addition to Rong Zongjing, Rong Desheng family, as well as Xue Nan Ming, Xue Shouxuan family, Xue Shouxuan is Rong Zongjing’s son-in-law;The government was the biggest correlation, ji Huang and ji Chengqian.Just a street, rich, expensive, learn everything, just take out a person, is enough to make people’s confidence instantly collapse.The qian, Rong and Xue families, because of the recent era, know more people.For the Wuxi ji family, the former home is gone, which is fine because it’s one’s biggest privacy and I wouldn’t want one either.Ji Huang (1711 — 1794) and his son were ji (1670 — 1739) and were both ministers for water control.Ji Yongren was next next to ji’s father. Ji ji was next to ji’s father and ji’s ji ji was next to ji’s father and ji’s ji ji was next to ji’s father and ji’s ji ji was next to ji’s ji.This kind of family is rare in the world.Speaking of achievements, in the qing Dynasty, there were only five prime ministers in China, namely Zhang Ying and Zhang Tingyu in Tongcheng, Jiang Tingxi and Jiang Pu in Changshu, Ji Huang and Ji Ji in Wuxi, Liu Tongxun and Liu Yong in Zhucheng, Weng Xinhe in Changshu and Weng Tonghe in Wuxi.The southern area of Jiangsu, unexpectedly accounted for three fifths, interesting is, two hours ago, FAN Hongjie and I were in Changshu, this day, a lot of officialness.Fan hongjie joked: in modern wuxi, so many important people were finally defeated by the blind man Abing, who was the most famous!Fan Hongjie, the former residence of Xue Donghui (1897-1965), snored loudly all night. It was still too early to get up. He went to qian Zhongshu’s former residence and closed the door.Not far to the west is the former residence of Xue Donghui, a foreign building, very imposing.In 1919, it was the site of Xue Donghui’s wedding to Yuan Zhongzhen, the daughter of Yuan Shikai, so Fan hongjie called it “the last son-in-law building in China”.South, to Preschool Street, xue Fucheng’s former residence.Xue Fucheng (1838-1894), one of the four disciples of Zeng Guofan, was a minister of the Four kingdoms of England, France and Italy in the early years of Guangxu. We have him in our middle school teaching books, so there is no need to introduce him.”Xue Fucheng” on Baidu has 14.4 million entries.Baidu “Yu Zhenhong”, check no this person, this life gap!Asked the aunt sweeping the floor, said that nine o ‘clock open, time is still early, Fan Hongjie said: Xue adults have not got up.Then wait.Open the door at 9 o ‘clock on time, look up: West Zhao Hall.Fan Hongjie said very seriously: you read Yao, not zhao, you are a scholar of exegesis, alas, I don’t know how many mistakes people make!Baidu is really a good teacher.Verified by Baidu, foreign mission is a foreign mission, made on a western mission to Europe.Xue Fucheng was sent to four Countries in Europe, and his entourage was also the best men of the 19th century, including Huang Zunxian, Qian Xun and Zhao Yuanyi.I have a strange preference for Cho Won-yi in particular.Zhao Yuanyi is 华蘅芳’s cousin, proficient in medicine, mathematics, translation of “Western medicine dacheng”, “explosion minutes”, reading the name, know that he is a special feelings of the world, which like me, wrote a “Xiangyang li Dialect textual research”, afraid of being copied published, put in the drawer when the baby.Guangxu emperor inscription, such a house, only the emperor can live.Zeng Guofan inscriptions, wu Ben Tang, think of Tongxiang Zhang Yang Yuan, his home is also called “Wu Ben Tang”.Winter morning sunshine, through the window lattice, sprinkled on the floor tile, silent beauty.I like this sunshine, quietly stop, not why.’A hundred years ago, we were not qualified to stand here, unless we came to work as footmen,’ fan said.On the wall of the courtyard, a Chinese painting.It’s always best to build a house with white walls and black tiles.Courtyard deep, I do not know how many passers-by in and out, we are just passers-by.Rotary floor, we call “horse floor”, take a circle, panting.According to the introduction, this is the largest turntable building in modern jiangnan architecture.Well deserved!The columns, too many to count.Fan Hongjie smile: alas, your mathematical attainments!This is really rich weather, and not the nouveau riche show off wealth, like the song ci said, “axis loaded music jin book word, tree record flower jade seal”, such noble and elegant, related to money, also has nothing to do.The ancients said that “the third time to be an official, just know to dress to eat”, line here, feel is right.No garden, no jiangnan family.Red apricot branches spring trouble, a “trouble” word, not only red apricot.The plum blossom is different.Fan hongjie was very sympathetic and said, “The servants must be very tired, serving dishes, sweeping the floor and walking around.It is strange to think of Xue Fucheng’s elder brother, Xue Fuchen (1832 — 1889), whose names are pronounced the same in Wu.Xue Fuchen once served as li Hongzhang’s advisor and, like Xue Fucheng, served as the deputy governor of the left side. However, he was famous for his medical science. He once treated the Empress Dowager Cixi and wrote medical Science.Xue Fuchen’s “Yellow Emperor neijing”, my teacher Mr. Xu Shumin has given me a copy, but I did not read it carefully, unintentionally think of Stephen Chow’s famous words: “there was a beautiful love in front of me, I did not cherish”.Fortunately, in Xue Fucheng’s home, I suddenly had an idea to go back and read Xue Fuchen’s “Inner Canon”.Of course, XUE Fucheng’s Collection of Yong ‘an must also be read. I bought it in high school and never read it.Fan hongjie said: “You are a person who loves the new and hates the old, and is fickle. If you wait for qian Zhongshu’s former residence, I’m afraid you will forget about him again.–END