Female zun: Crazy batch of husband lang with the murder of the baby: the surface of the weak inside crazy batch of male VS super American medical god female

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Hello, everyone, I heard that you have a shortage of books, is it boring and can not find a good novel, also as a fan xiaobian today to help you solve this problem!Xiaobian is designed for you to dig all kinds of good novels, to ensure that you bid farewell to the trouble of book shortage, can not stop reading!Pay attention to xiaobian, won’t let you down.Today xiaobian to recommend: “Female zun: crazy batch of Husband lang with the murder of the baby” : the surface of the weak inside crazy batch of male VS super American Medical god female!”Female zun: crazy batch of husband lang with the murder of the baby” author: Su Heyan introduction: “female zun: crazy batch of husband lang with the murder of the baby” : the surface of the weak inside crazy batch of male VS super United States medical god female!Once reborn, the imperial capital’s top medical experts actually wear female honor country, also became a small milk baby’s mother?A five-year-old child should not call her mother every day, but her baby how can only milk fierce milk fierce training his father, but his father also should!Guide into the pit: “go, to give the cloud a surprise, we pick up the cloud to buy something.”Mr. Lim made up his mind.She looked at Yu Su, quickly from the roadside to buy a scarf for him to put on, this face is really too hot.She didn’t want to rob her husband from anyone on the road.Private school Lin Zhiyun heard the news after a little can’t believe it, obviously his mother have told him to say far away, how come?He almost gave a shout of joy when he ran to the door and saw a familiar figure.”Father and mother!Here you are!”Lin Zhiyun jumped into Lin Qingyan’s arms.His daddy says he’s getting heavier and can’t bully daddy all the time.”Yes, we have finished our task ahead of time, so we are back ahead of time. Let’s go shopping and buy some delicious food.”Lin Qingyan also don’t care about the weight of the arms, just going to hold Lin Zhiyun to go shopping.Who expected Lin Zhiyun actually struggled two times, “cloud is a big child, can’t let the mother embrace!”Lin Qingyan looked at yu Su one eye, this will Lin Zhiyun on the ground, his baby is really good.What a good cub.Lin Qingyan’s line of sight has been on Lin Zhiyun’s body, at this time there is a small childe in front of her, when she saw Lin Qingyan revealed a sly smile.See him ouch 1, want to go to Lin Qingyan’s body.Yu Su look a rin, now men are so bold?Throwing yourself at someone else’s wife on the street?Click below free reading: “photograph ye alone pet small charming wife” author: Su Jiuliang introduce: what?The noble daughter of a prince of Glory spends her days dealing with dead bodies?Wearing men’s clothing, she is Kyoto city famous doctor ghost hand, faded men’s clothing, she is also the rongguo hou’s delicate lady, and see how she fought, all show elegance.Pit guide: “this is not a liar yao, I worked so hard to come over a trip, the results have nothing?”Rong Linglan heart is also very unbalanced, this way she almost lost her life, the results came but gave her such a reply.”That can’t, you liu Shu I also very angry, in order not to let you white busy live, so I……””So what happened to you?”Rong Linglan maliciously stared at him way.”So I said yes.”Liu Jiquan said that after observing Rong Linglan to the face, for fear that he had something wrong.”You!You are really my good liu Shu, you are so harm me!”Rong Linglan was irritable.”I…I also have no alternative, you liu uncle I have no ability, only mixed a small magistrate, you think I can twist the somebody else prime minister mansion of person yao.”Mr. Liu sounded a bit aggrieved.”You don’t know what they did to me when you were away. They put a knife on my neck. You say there is such a son!”He was evidently getting more and more excited.Prime Minister’s house again? This Fu Jinli is never ending.”You…Do you have any idea?Well, if you didn’t want to go, all that time would’ve been for nothing.And the Prime Minister’s house, it certainly won’t pay you back.”Liu began to brainwash her.”Or liu Shu you go, I think you are quite good.”She had serious doubts that Liu had done so intentionally.Introduction: I treat you as my son, but you want to sleep with me?Guide to the Pit: Jing Cheng gets the news that she will arrive soon, so he waits for her in the tower for two days.Seeing her carriage, He rushed over and put his arms around her.In front of the Lu brothers, in front of the generals and soldiers on the walls.Xue Mei patted his back gently: “It’s good to see you!”She missed him more than she knew.Fine snow, covering all over the loess, the line of sight is a layer of pale.Xiao Jing bear holding Xue Mei, head in her neck side rub rub, reluctant to let go.There was always something hanging in his heart these days that could not come to fruition.Until Xue Run one voice: “big sister!”The silence was suddenly broken and everyone seemed to be recovering.Hsiao releases Mei Xue.Sherun had already reached him, and the thin snow had fallen on his armor and melted into a thin layer of water.Only half a month away, Xue Run’s stubble came out, the whole person seemed to be suddenly elongated a few years, a little strange, no longer their own naughty brother.”Big sister, why are you here?”Xiao Jingcheng’s bodyguard let Xue Run come over, said his sister arrived, Xue Run also do not believe.Who would have thought big Sister would actually be here.Oh, my God, this is White Bluff.How did she get here?”…If you want to come, why don’t you come with us?”Xue Run asked.Xue mai: “……”Click on the below free reading: today’s recommendation will be here, like friends can add a small make up recommend attention to collection, small make up recommend you good work every day oh ~ all like to see what kind of novel, can leave a message at the end of the article below comments, small make up can see oh, looking forward to your message to the link: female strong: the rebirth of green tea:Save salty fish xianggong “her surface gentle beauty is rouge tiger of the Republic of China actually abused article:” wench, your thing, put good later don’t let me see again “” flower around ling fengtai” : and see her how in this troubled world chess bureau, step by step the king of the world!Through the article: “false daughter she just want to make a career” soul wear female take bad life, low-key attack “men’s men’s sport life” : abstinence appearance level king male VS star 2 generation evil king female!