If you find jewelry in your stomach while eating fish, does that belong to the diner or the restaurant owner?

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Hello everyone, it’s time for Tao’s blind talk again. Today we’ll talk about something interesting.Many carnivorous fish are known to rely not entirely on sight, but on lateral lines and other senses to detect the movement of prey. If there is an unusual pattern of water nearby, these carnivorous fish will go up and swallow.This feature made it possible for humans to use bait fishing, from which came the popular sport of Ruia.An interesting consequence of this aggressive predation is that the smaller pieces of jewelry that anglers carry in the water are often devoured by nearby fish.Well, doesn’t the question just arise?If a fish that swallowed a jewel is made into a delicacy, and happens to be discovered by diners, who owns the jewel?You don’t say, really happened in reality such A thing, someone please friend B eating out, Mr B say don’t eat fish, some fish, A said can, hence point B A fish, take up, after A found A pearl fish belly, size is not small, it’s A surprise, A promptly said this pearl belong to him.Then B said, “No, I ordered the fish, and the pearls in the fish’s stomach should also be mine.””A” said, “Yes, you ordered the fish, but I paid for the meal, so everything on the table should be mine.”When they argued, the waiter called the boss C, C understood the reason, said, you both don’t argue, this big pearl should belong to me according to the truth, because you two have not finished the meal, the bill is not settled, before the bill, the ownership of the fish theoretically belongs to the hotel, the pearl inside naturally belongs to me.Is originally A and B, now joined C, three people, the more the more fierce competition, who is not willing to give up this pearl of the sky, just at this point, in the fishmonger D from the back out of the kitchen supply, want to home across the floor, heard the three people quarrel, the results D has had an idea of the pearl, said that according to the logic of restaurant owners C, my account and restaurant once A month,Before the month is out, the fish should be mine, so the pearls don’t belong to you three, they belong to me.ABCD all felt they had A point, so the matter froze, and eventually they consulted relevant legal professionals before finally agreeing on the ownership of the pearl — which belonged to Diner A.This brings us to the legal concept of ownerless things.All unknown hidden objects, burial objects and other objects, are not the main thing in the world, such unowned and closely linked to preempt system, unowned thing once being preempt, preempt people can be in accordance with the possession system obtain the ownership of the object, to preempt system, not only is our country, various legal mature countries in the world, has been admitted in the judicial practice.For example, in 2018, in Michigan, the United States, there was a fishing enthusiast named Millie, who also encountered a similar situation.Is fishing Millie Millie’s family lived on the edge of a lake, and her husband often go fishing in the lake together at ordinary times, one day, she caught up a lot of pike, home to cooking for dinner, results in the treatment of the fish, accident in one of the pike was found in the belly of a gold necklace, and Millie will the rest of the pike after slitting open belly, unexpectedly found 24 natural pearl in succession.Millie was delighted to find the gold necklace in the fish stomach, the next day to take the jewelry to identify, the results showed that all are genuine, especially the 24 pearls, the color is particularly outstanding, each price is more than 1500 DOLLARS, so calculate down, the pearl alone is equal to 200,000 yuan up!Even in the United States, for an average middle-class family, this is a considerable windfall!A delighted Millie shared her adventure on the Internet to avoid the envy of many, who said she should have listed the lost and found items in the media first.Millie said that there was no obvious trace of the jewelry and the information of the owner, and during the jewelry identification, experts said that judging from the degree of oxidation on the surface of the jewelry, it is very likely that these things have been in the belly of the fish for more than 10 years, trying to find the owner, it is impossible.But the cautious Millie deleted the post and sought legal advice, only to be told that the jewels were unclaimed and rightfully hers.After hearing the news, Millie sold 24 pearls and the 30-gram gold necklace to a jeweler in early 2019 for a profit of $45,000, or nearly 300,000 yuan.Well, today’s nonsense to this, I am tao elder brother, love fishing can chat, like to pay attention to me.