Life of a Top scholar in poverty Alleviation: I’m sorry to meet you in this way today

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01 That year 17 Growing up in troubled times 1941, Hong Kong.A 17-year-old boy was on a bicycle, delivering goods in the street.Hong Kong was already a occupied territory.Japanese soldiers are like cockroaches in every street corner.Everywhere he went, the land was broken.Rushing between the cities, the bright bayonets of Japanese soldiers dangled before their eyes.It’s a lie not to be afraid.But the young family poverty, the livelihood of the family, in the advent of chaos, suddenly fell on his shoulder.That day, passing the Japanese sentry, his passage was not smooth.The Japanese soldiers not only did not let him go, but rushed to him and cursed.Then slapping, standing…The boy was burning with anger, and at this moment he really realized what is called: “backward will be beaten.”This young man is Fang Runhua.Years later, his titles were patriotic entrepreneur, noted philanthropist, and social activist.However, that year, he was 17, just from the “big young master”, fell to the street “handyman”.Fang Runhua was born in 1924 in Heyuan, Guangdong Province.At the age of four or five, he followed his father Fang Shuquan to Hong Kong.His father was a businessman and had a successful career in Hong Kong.Fang Runhua received a good education from his childhood. With diligence and talent, he excelled in his studies.All this, however, came to naught overnight because of the Japanese invasion of China.But it is also because of the fate of the young at this moment, to grow up.”If the state is not strong and the people are not rich, the state will not be state and the people will not be people.”It was his personal experience.Later, “everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world”, became his lifelong belief.02 I am not as diligent as people as I am humble from a carefree student, to pick up business.At first fang Runhua was also puzzled by seven orifices and six orifices.Especially under the iron foot of the Japanese, every Chinese lives in fear.There’s too much for a 17-year-old to do.But Fang gritted his teeth and insisted on doing it himself, starting from a blank sheet of paper.He had a motto: “Heroes suffer many hardships since ancient times, and a man of excellence comes out of adversity.”So whether the Japanese soldiers insult, or the suffering of life, have not been able to crush the young.But it is to let him more down more yong, not only hold the family property, later also let their own “association into line” do more and more.There are fang Runhua’s diligence and courage, but also because of a “god-given marriage”.In 1943, a girl named Tan Yuanliang came to borrow the telephone where Fang Runhua worked.Even though it saves a little, it brightens Fong’s “monotonous and lonely” life.What’s more, because of the war, they live in the same district.Two years later, the two young men naturally bonded.Tan Yuanliang is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a gentlewoman.Ten fingers do not touch yangchun water of her, after marriage willingly when fang Runhua’s wife.The husband goes out early and comes home late.Tan Yuanliang will take care of all the housework, take good care of a family.With no worries and the surrender of Japan, Fang’s life began to take a big leap forward.From a small business, heep Shing Hong has gradually grown into the largest exporter of cinnamon in Hong Kong.Later, Fang Runhua saw the right opportunity to enter the real estate industry.Today, it is a property developer and investor worth tens of billions of dollars.In the real estate world, Fang yunhua is as famous as Fok Ying-tung, Cheng Yu-tung and Li Ka-shing.But fong’s career has not been all plain sailing.He was cheated out of $3 million by a partner in a “devastating blow” when He was still a potential stock.The reason why he has the last laugh is not how high talent, but an important principle of his conduct: “I am not as diligent as others, as I am modest.”Fang Runhua modest qualification flatly, commonly used “I save my body three days” warning themselves.He said there are three levels of wisdom: “The first, the second, and the last.”In order to avoid all things “know after sleep”, even “unknowingly”, only will be diligent.Even in his later years, Fang continued to read.It takes more than two hours a day just to read newspapers.And he likes to read and remember.There are often more clippings and notes in a book than there are in it.In summing up his business principles, Fong has a famous saying: “Business is a profound and ever-changing subject. I believe that only those who are modest, prudent and open-minded in their learning can make a difference and finally set foot on the road to success.”Above people, as people;Under people, see yourself as a person.Always diligent, always humble, is a person can not go against the weapon.Mr Fong Yun-wah, Honorary Fellow of the University of Hong Kong 2006 03 A Person who lives to the fullest is Simple and Simple Someone asked what is a rich family?All that bling and status?If we only look at wealth, Fang Runhua’s personal wealth exceeds 18 billion yuan, whether hurun global rich list, or Forbes global rich list, his name stands out.In terms of status, Fong is one of Hong Kong’s oldest businessmen and was awarded a Golden Bauhinia Star in 2018.The lavish lifestyle of Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, who bestowed her stamp on Fang Yun-wah, is hardly surprising.But Fang Runhua’s “rich family life”, let everyone “big surprise” however.Say three little things.In 2005, Fang Runhua, who was in his 80s, gave a lecture at South China Normal University.Media reporters came to the venue early, imagining an 81-year-old millionaire, comfortably sitting in a high-grade private car and calmly.Instead, what they saw was an ordinary class guangzhou-Kowloon through ticket (Guangzhou East through To Hong Kong Express).The unveiling ceremony just ended, when the reporter felt distressed whether the old man’s body can withstand the bumpy road, Mr. Smiled and answered: “It is better to be frugal, otherwise, how can we help more people.Besides, ALTHOUGH I am old, MY heart is not old and my bones are not broken.”The second is the personal experience of writer Li Yuanrong.Once, Li Yuanrong and his friends went to visit fang Lao.It’s time for lunch.Lao Fang invited everyone to dinner.It’s not the fancy restaurant we thought it would be, and it’s not the food on a jade plate.Fang Runhua said to the crowd: “Nearby, in Hong Kong China chamber of Commerce canteen to eat it.”At the canteen, Fang naturally ordered a curry brisket dish of rice.Fang Runhua’s secretary told Li Yuanrong, Mr. Fang for decades as one day, are in this dining room to eat dishes, never choose to eat, a dish of rice dozens of dollars, but he ate with relish.One more thing, from an interview in Redbud Magazine.Reporter interviewed fang Lao, is preparing to leave his office.After thanking the other party, Fang Runhua stressed again and again: “To write a low key plain point.”From the extremely difficult years, Fang Runhua’s life, and the humble family before, not much different.Even Mr. Li Yuanrong could not help but sigh: “The whole family has been living a simple life for decades, knowing that every penny of money is hard won.”People live to the extreme, must be simple and simple.The real rich family, not because of the rich party and luxurious, because of low-key calm and elegant.The most proud title of poverty alleviation champion as a millionaire, and so “stingy” to himself, where did Fang Runhua spend his money?Go back 80 years.The Fong family was running a grocery store in Shau Kei Wan, and refugees flooded into shau Kei Wan.Fang Runhua’s father Fang Shuquan not only sent porridge to the poor every day, but also sent cotton clothes and oranges in the middle of the neighborhood. He insisted until the Association was closed down by the Japanese army.Later, the family revived, fang Runhua and his father Fang Shuquan, specially founded the Fang Shufu Tang charity Fund.Her father’s value of “stingy, generous donation” was deeply rooted in Fang’s mind.Fang Runhua himself has always forgotten the suffering of the Chinese people in troubled times, the idea of a rich country and a strong people, always lingering in his heart.After achieving success in his career, the first thing That came to fang’s mind was to launch education and develop science and technology.Fang Runhua said, “If China wants to be rich and strong, it must promote education and science and technology.”He came up with the name “Hong Kong University of Science and Technology”.Fang’s first donation was to build a school in dongguan, his hometown, in 1956.He often said to people, “As long as I live, I will continue to run schools and education.”He has donated to the construction of nearly 200 primary and secondary schools, and has funded more than 130 “Project 211” universities to build computer centers, teaching buildings, lecture halls and other educational facilities. He has also set up “awards and teaching scholarships” in some universities.Over the past 60 years, he has donated more than 300 schools and countless educational projects across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.One of the students on his list was Chen Jia ‘er.The Yang Zhenning Yucai Foundation funded Fang’s further study in the United States 39 years ago.Later, this student became not only the president of Peking University, but also the director of the Department of Mathematical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.In addition to education, Fang has always been concerned with China’s aerospace industry.We organized four donations and donated nearly 2 million RMB to the Xichang and Jiuquan satellite launch centers, contributing to the motherland’s “sea of stars”.And in a public emergency, you can always see Fang Runhua.From the Wenchuan earthquake, to the spread of bird flu, to the fight against the epidemic…Mr. Fong and his foundation are always the first to give generously.For charity, Fang Runhua not only donated money and materials, but also was willing to actively appeal and do things himself.He has repeatedly urged rich people in Hong Kong to donate more money to good causes and support the “Hope Project” to let dropouts go back to school.He was blunt about the rich: “The media reported that a luxurious New Year’s eve dinner cost 100,000 yuan, and at the expensive auto shows in Shanghai, rich people splurge on luxury cars for their children.It’s too proud. It’s not good.I suggest rich people should donate more money, not self-respect.There should not be too much difference between rich and poor. We are all members of one big family and should help each other.”For the children, he is very devoted.Every day insist to write more than 10 letters to the young people, but also clipping, collecting, rewriting some inspirational proverbs, sent to the young friends, encourage them to study hard, serve the country.Every school, he also always love to walk into the young students, give them small pieces of paper, on the book to encourage words, education children benefit society.A reporter from Nanfang Daily once asked Fang Runhua: “You have many honors and awards, among which you are most proud?”Fang runhua, an octogenarian, answered firmly, “If you really want to say which one is the most proud or happy, I think there are several, but the title of” Top ten National poverty alleviation champion “in 1997 should be one of them.”Since 1977, Fong would allocate 10%-15% of the profits earned by his group to fong Shu Fu Tang Fund every year, and fong Yun Hua Fund was added in 1986.So far, Fang has invested more than 1 billion yuan in charity.He said: “My lifelong hope is that by 2049, the centenary of its founding, our country will be the richest and most powerful country in the world, with its people richer and able to live and work in peace and contentment.”Once thought that “the first world of sorrow and sorrow, after the world of joy and joy” is the story of the book, later just know that this is the backbone of a nation.Because of the existence of people like Fang Runhua, no matter how much suffering, this land will never lack of vigorous strength.The wind and the moon had little appetite compared with its Tsinghua, pearl and pearl had little ability and little ability.The name of Fang Runhua was taken by her grandfather Fang Zhaoyi from a famous line in Wang Xizhi’s Preface to the Holy Religion.Hopefully, he will grow up to “run China”.Fang Runhua is also worthy of the name.He spared no effort for the scientific and educational cause of his motherland.He also tried his best to introduce Chinese culture through scholars, friends and political leaders from all over the world.In 1994, in recognition of Mr. Fang Runhua’s lofty patriotic spirit and his great contribution to the cause of science and education of the motherland.Nominated by the Purple Mountain Observatory of China and approved by the International Minor Planet Committee, the asteroid 5198 we discovered was named “Fang Runhua Star”.Since then, a giant star has been shining in the night sky forever.But, sadly, how many of you have heard his name?It is even more regrettable that when you read this article.Mr. Fang passed away on January 6.His funeral was also held two days ago.Looking back on Fang Runhua’s life, you can describe it as impassioned.But, let me more moved is his words: “my starting point, is to have a patriotic heart, to do the responsibility of the Chinese people, in the spirit of universal love, only to cultivate, do not ask return, but for the heart of peace, as it is in me, not because of the good small and not for.”He said he has “always had a Chinese heart” and “hopes the next generation will pass on the torch”.Today, why do I want to tell you the story of Fang Runhua?In addition to mourning, but also want to tell some people: this world, there are really some people.They focus on their ideals and careers.No matter where you are, where you are, you can not be secular, not kitsch.Now, although fang’s body is dead, But Fang Runhua’s star is eternal.