“Police tell stories around people tell police stories” The Winter Olympics is approaching, fushun police to help the veteran party members to promote the Spirit of Lei Feng winter Olympics

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On January 20, 2022, dongzhou fushun city public security bureau branch of the new tuen station residence hall hosted a special visitors, police station registration at first thought he was a police to deal with registered permanent residence business people, then after asking that he is an obligation to promote the 2022 Beijing Olympics and the lei feng spirit, he is a member of west open-pit mine’s retirement party,He was also a volunteer propagandist of lei Feng’s spirit. His name was Meng Xianyu.Old comrade Meng Xianyu came to the register window, the register police seriously received, and inform the police station responsible for publicity, together to help the old comrade propaganda.After the inquiry, we learned that Meng Xianyu was born in 1944, 78 years old this year, is a retired veteran party member.Since his retirement has been the obligation to publicize the Spirit of Lei Feng, to publicize the spirit of Lei Feng as their own responsibility, and since the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has been in the obligation to publicize the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the propaganda scope involves all walks of life of the whole society, footprint all over the country.Everywhere he went, he carried a black cloth bag containing the newspapers and magazines he had collected over the past ten years. He put them into folders and showed us and explained the stories.The police listened carefully to the old man’s story, and in response to its request, completed the propaganda content he needed.Under the guidance of Veteran Comrade Meng Xianyu, police from Xintun Police Station drew the mascots of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, wrote good wishes on postcards and a paragraph from Lei Feng’s diary.Old comrade Meng Xianyu put the propaganda content written for him by the police station into a separate file bag and showed us the propaganda content written for him by people from all walks of life.On the occasion of parting, Meng Xianyu gave each police a commemorative bookmark and took a photo with the police.New tun police station police very admire Meng Xianyu old comrade for more than ten years as one day to adhere to the propaganda, but Meng Xianyu old comrade said:”Although has retired, but also should play their waste heat, the city of Beijing to host the Olympics again become double the very not easy, lei feng’s spirit heritage cannot break, lei feng can do things anyone can do, the key is to look at the can insist, I will use what way, let everyone know the Beijing Olympics and the advanced deeds of comrade lei feng,Let the lei Feng spirit take root in everyone’s heart.”Review and proofread: Qiu Xiang this issue editor: Xiaoxiao, name ze