Qinghe office party working committee before the festival condolence difficult party members

2022-04-28 0 By

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, qinghe office members of the Party working Committee visited the old party members and living difficulties, for them to send the Party care and warmth.On the morning of January 27, Wang Zhiqiang, secretary of qinghe Office party Working Committee, came to Heili Village to visit 94-year-old Li Shuqin, a party member before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Wang Zhiqiang to the elderly greetings, detailed inquiries about his living situation and physical condition, thank him for the party and the people to make contributions, and told him to take care of health, enjoy his old age, have difficulties to reflect the organization in time.On the afternoon of January 26, Lu Tongpeng, deputy secretary and director of qinghe Office Party Working Committee, came to the home of Zhang Shunxian, a difficult party member in Balicun, to learn about his actual situation in detail.Five years ago, Zhang shunxian lost his ability to work due to hemiplegia. His wife was disabled by a car accident two years ago.Lu tongpeng encouraged Zhang Shunxian to be positive and optimistic in the face of life, the Party and the government will also provide timely help.This activity, the office visited a total of 16 party members and difficult life before the founding of the party.