“Serie A intelligence” inter attack firepower strong this field easily pry open Turin defense

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Torino midfielder Pratt and centre-back David Chima are unavailable but both are on rotation for torino.Inter are without centre-back Daniele defray, the heart of their defence, and Sky Sports Italia says brozovic could miss the game.Torino are 34 points, 12 points above the relegation zone and safe from relegation.At the same time, the team distance from the European war to take a big gap, this season basically have no desire.Inter milan has 58 points, ranking second in Serie A, city rivals AC Milan in the first victory in this round, temporarily leading inter 5 points, but in addition to this game, Inter still have a match will be held in April, win can return to the top.Torino have been in very bad form recently, with two draws and three losses in the last five league games, including defeats to relegation-avoiding sides Venice, Cagliari and Udinese.Inter had just ended a winless run last season, with one win, two draws and two defeats in their last five league games.This week, however, China beat Liverpool away in the Champions League, although they were eliminated on aggregate, but the team showed very good form.The Torino frontcourt of Breccarlo and Sarafria are the main scorers, with six and five goals so far.Watch out for belotti, who has scored twice in his last three games despite being hit by injuries this season.Inter milan in addition to the defence of the de Fry, the game basically maintain a complete lineup.Strike pair Luttaro scored 14 goals to complete a hat-trick in the last round, dzeko scored 12, midfielders Ciarhanoglu added three goals and eight assists, and varela two goals and nine assists, all of which have been key elements in inter’s attack this season.Torino faced relegation last season and ended the season on a scoreline.This season he has brought in juric, a defensive coach who has certainly made a difference in Turin.So far the team has conceded only 28 goals, a defensive statistic that would rank high in Serie A.But the team also faces an offensive deficit, with only 33 goals scored so far.Inzaghi also took over at Inter this season and led the team to a dominant season in Serie A after the sale of romelu Lukaku and Ashraf.In attack they have scored 60 goals, the most in Serie a.The defensive side conceded only 22 goals, the second fewest in Serie A.Juric: “We all know that Inter are a strong team, they are full of champions who can score at any time, but we will go out and try to win.Although the results in the last few games have been mediocre, I am happy with the performance of the players, I have analysed the statistics, we did well and we have to play better against Inter.Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku wants to return to Inter milan and is willing to take a pay cut to do so, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.Sources say Barcelona have Lukaku in their plan B, but the player has no intention of moving to Barcelona.Lukaku’s ambition is to return to inter and he is even prepared to take a pay cut, although Tottenham are also eyeing the Belgian striker.Lukaku, who returned to Chelsea from Inter milan last summer, has struggled this season, making just four minutes as a substitute in his most recent game against Norwich.Berisha/R rodriguez, bremer, gigi/francois ivo da, nelson mandela, John lukic, singh/pia was found, Mr. Carlo/bello, hangda Norwich/bass Tony, Mr Kerry niall, Dan rossio/perry sich, child han oulu and broad with veitch, varela, dumfries/dzeko, tarot