The German Masters round of 16 has been announced: Four Chinese stars are advancing, fan Zhengyi offers a surprise

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Open German masters, results in the first round of 32 strong competition, the Chinese army have eight people lost their arms before the battle, the first player golds somehow, early high sitting idle, the opponent, groom’s won by natural lie in 16, small happiness comes too suddenly, as for liang wenbo, deputy director of the new champions positive out of the race, a teacher no body infirmities, often make the hero tears full jin!China 8 legions out 2 people not war, the remaining six people, 4 people to continue rapid development, overwhelming, first the much-anticipated against king zhao heart child left hand mark Williams, results mawhinney in forward just for the kam championship and young heart for zhao, cool and killing children’s classmate in front, boxing afraid of lions, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, 3 cases,Zhao Xintong, who was proud of her horse’s hoof, started her dream and won with a single stroke. She lost two cities in a row and finally got 3 by accident.As for zhao Xintong, who is young and unlimited, she is very impressive in both attack and defense. Over time, she will be confident in her 20 years of life and become a leader of the new generation of Snooker in China.Among the four Chinese team members who have advanced to the last 16, zhao Xintong is quite popular with snooker goddess, and the other three will perform equally extraordinary and have unexpected gains. Xiao Tong is here to tell you one by one:Zhou Yuelong, known as The Ding Junhui of Sichuan, faced McGill, known as the smile killer, the first three consecutive whip, let Old Mike unhappy, can not do it, and dug too deep, and finally piecemated, with 2:5 unexpectedly defeated, so to tell you the truth, everyone seal smile killer, small tong more can’t think, because look at the horizontal, old age of the old mai, little smile yingying face the game, rarely played a feast for the eyes, a wonderful game seal throat, so the title is too far-fetched.Fan Zhengyi, who is only fighting for one but not for two, has accumulated a lot of strength, but it never rains but it rains. Earlier, in the 128 final match of the German Masters, he defeated Thailand’s Thachai Ya-Uno 5:3.In the last 64 Derby, lu Ning, who looks like young Zhu Shimao, did not spare any mercy.4 team to qualify the 32 strong competition, in the face of the 43rd ranked highfield, opening two pole a winner, the old type in a cold sweat, although finally certainly play a single stroke are hundreds, but van for a classmate unstoppable, flowing, unstoppable, hot oiling, covered with a single pole zero 134 wins, the first to score 4:2 get match point, finally saw the old sea, struggling fruitless, to 2:5 also lost to the north, failed to go south.For a classmate’s progress into the last 16, very confidence, in the domestic family, feel comfortable, over one name glad it did not take the wrong, in fact, life should be so, for a second, does not dispute the fight a classmate of 16 will be in the face of career won a small ranking title Andrew man, small Tong believe that feel is better for students,Never stop the streak. Wait and see.Atmospheric YanBingTao students calmly, young age, known as the strongest after 00, 2019 add masters champion and 2021 masters champion, let him at that time the scene is no two, famous day, the face to just pick a cap to one thousand middle potatoes brother gilbert, strength to speak, in the first negative start to the case, not from random condition, with a wave of three straight,Compliment each other, and finally a prior grip on match case, a rod seal throat, single lever wins, total score 5:3, relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting into the top 16, 8 strong opponent will be the first of world mark selby, two people play the previous history, tao classmate c continuous in England beat the old plug open and the champions league group stage, c tao sure, will not lose, defeat easily.The first round of the Chinese army 6 people, promoted to 4 people, happy to congratulate, and out of the two were respectively: lv haotian 1:5 defeated by the small gun mark Allen, the strength of the next, there is no fault, so, the small tong congratulated deep financial difficulties in life Allen, further, otherwise no money as a man as a dog;Zhang Anda lost 2-5 to Belgian bullet Breacher, who could not survive the small bald head, but it was only natural that he lost, because Breacher had won the Scottish Open and the British Championship with great power, and his strength was beyond doubt.The German masters 32 strong home-country crowd, small Tong broadcasts to everybody to make a complete list of 16: Zhou Yuelong, exploit Aaron Wilson, Mr. Cher, zhao tong, groom, Stephanie Ritchie DE man, Walton, Tom ford, Andrew man, mark selby, van over one, mark Allen, YanBingTao, Sean murphy, Ryan, craigie.Oh!We must be very concerned about the rocket and Chinese famous player Ding Junhui how shenlong head and tail missing, Small Tong lamented and reported, in the early 128 strong competition, the rocket 0-5 lost to the former single time champion Iran’s famous player Wafei, and Ding director, was the veteran Mark Davis 5-4 knockout.Small tong text handling is very difficult, how to be comparable to the beauty of the video, we have seen passing by, point a like, add a powder, I wish you in the next year 5 million!