The rootless Chinese men’s football team will be crushed

2022-04-28 0 By

The Chinese men’s football team, which had placed infinite hopes on the Chinese people, suffered a crushing defeat to southeast Asia’s inferior Vietnam team in the Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival in China.Let people scold the dog’s blood nozzle is really deserved!But looking back on it, it’s not surprising that The National team has lost again and again.A duckweed without roots can only be adrift in the wind, the wind blows to be blown sideways is inevitable.To say that The National football team has no roots, the most important thing is that there is no mass base for football in China.Although in recent years, the country has shouted the slogan that football should be from the children, how many of them have actually started to put this slogan into practice?I have been engaged in education for many years and know the psychology of primary and secondary school leaders. Football is a high-risk sport. Once it hurts students in training and competitions, it will certainly bring no small trouble to school leaders.Therefore, physical education classes in primary and secondary schools rarely meet the real football training class, the football class is basically in the state of coping.Intramural football matches are rarely organized, and even less between schools.From the point of view of parents, children should grow up safely and play football at the risk of injury. Most parents are wary of playing football, so most parents rarely agree to their children to participate in football activities.According to the annual statistics of the relevant departments of the state, in our country for a long time engaged in football activities of football youth, the most of the year but 20,000 people, and this number in South America Brazil Argentina has millions of people, almost every boy is involved in football activities, even our nearest neighbor Japan football youth also more than two million;In Europe and the United States, football is the most common boys’ games.Only by laying a huge and solid foundation of football, can elite talents be selected layer upon layer, stars will emerge constantly, and the level of football will gradually improve.There is also a big problem with our football system.The key to the establishment of football mechanism is to let children find their future and hope from football.Can we set up professional football teams from the county level?Let the grass-roots children see with their own eyes, as long as they can be selected to the county level professional team, their future will basically have a landing, if they continue to struggle for a few years, and may enter the provincial team, the future will be broader.Only by allowing children to find their own future and future from football can more children devote themselves to football and more parents support their children to embark on the road of football.In addition, the competition mechanism must be established at various levels in our country. First, the inter-school competition must be established, then the county-level competition must form a standard competition mechanism, and then the provincial level league, and finally the national league.After ten or twenty years of such persistence, after layers of selection, the huge China still has no world-class teams?Is our football still out of Asia?It is not only the national football team’s problem, the whole country should take action, especially primary and secondary schools should first put football lessons into practice, the decision makers should start from the mechanism to carry out bold reform and vigorously promote the normal operation of the mechanism, do not complain about everything, quickly take action!