Wenchang Spring Festival place!2022 Wenchang New Year Temple Fair is waiting for you to visit!

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The 2022 Wenchang Temple Fair will be held from February 2 to 4 (the second to fourth day of the Chinese New Year) at The Wenchang Confucius Temple.Exquisite and diverse gifts and you play with the new Spring Festival lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, spring Nafu Spring Garden party, fun!With different shape, color lanterns adorn ancient sacred temple of Confucius in every corner of the temple fair to look up into the shape of different color lanterns to the New Year blessing language with celebrate the New Year blessing riddles for pleasure to admire the lanterns without full guess riddles quickly use your intelligence to win prizes fine “blessing” culture is the most direct the blessing culture inheritance and carrier of Mr Calligraphy on the ground,Writing everyone and Spring Festival couplets to citizen tourists most sincere New Year greetings ruby is a kind of throwing games is also a kind of ancient cultural etiquette during the Spring Festival to Confucius temple experience ruby game feelings of the traditional Chinese culture made in gift and full of good fortune in hanfu, New Year’s day more relevant points set up at the entrance of Confucius hanfu lease you can wear hanfu in Confucius temple, blessing,Feel the charm of Chinese culture the whole clothes, enter lingxingmeng, YouPan pools in panxi water bridge, worship Kong Sheng male, recite the word “began” line from master li, Thanksgiving ceremony, pen point cinnabar recitation “embedded” and “disciple gauge” during the Spring Festival, Confucius opened Chinese small classroom led love children experience of Chinese study traditional Chinese etiquette when ancient Confucian classics in melodious music to collision out sparks again?Might as well to wenchang temple of Confucius taste the charm of this one thousand years spanning the cet4 instrumentalists China guzheng musicians association Lin Jiejing performance in performance to send little blessings melodious tweedle annual 2 to 4, let’s meet wenchang temple of Confucius to experience the blessing of a happy and peaceful New Year temple wenchang Confucius temple was built in the northern song dynasty qingli periods,Ming Hongwu eight years (1375) moved to the current site, and Wenchang Palace, Wei Wenwenyuan formed a body, also known as Wenchang Palace, building area of 12,000 square meters.It is the most complete preserved ancient architectural group in Hainan Province, and also one of the most distinctive ancient cultural tourist spots in south China. It has accumulated profound Confucian culture, Wenchang Emperor culture and Wenchang regional culture. It is honored as “The First Temple in Hainan” and is a key cultural relics protection unit in China.Address: Wenchang Confucius Temple is located at No. 20, Wendongli, Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, Wenchang City.Statement: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement of your rights and interests please contact us directly, we will delete or negotiate permission to use matters.Email wenchangfabu@126.com News hotline 15308906559