What is the transmission chain of confirmed cases in Hangzhou?Where are the 297 huite employees scattered?

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What are the challenges and pressures facing Omicron Hangzhou?Last night (January 27), CCTV “news 1+1” wired Xia Shichang, deputy director of health commission of Zhejiang Province.At 10:00 PM on January 25th, binjiang Branch of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine reported that a local initial screening positive patient was found in a fever outpatient clinic.She was diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the early hours of Monday.Hangzhou are most of the confirmed cases in the current outbreak a catering company, has been linked to a nearby village, and 3 cases of overflows, deputy director of zhejiang WeiJianWei outside the province Xia shi chang: hangzhou this outbreak is by hui and catering equipment co., LTD. (China), this enterprise has 297 employees, the found that most of the cases is the enterprise employees.In addition, some of them are residents of nearby communities. There are commercial houses and restaurants in this community. Employees of enterprises also go shopping and have meals, so they are related to residents in the community.In addition, a wedding party was held in the neighborhood next to the company, and cases were also found in the wedding party.In addition, three cases have been spilled out of the province because the company will have a holiday after the year-end summary meeting on 21st, and some employees will go home for the holiday.Where are the 297 employees of the catering equipment company that caused the outbreak in Hangzhou?Xia Shichang, Deputy director of Health Commission of Zhejiang Province: Huite (China) Catering Equipment Co., LTD., a total of 297 employees, of which 240 employees are in 12 counties and urban areas of Hangzhou, the other 57 employees go home to celebrate the Spring Festival in other provinces and cities.The employees who stay in Hangzhou are mainly concentrated in binjiang District.Xia Shichang, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission: The transmission chain of the current cases in Hangzhou is clear, which is mainly related to the employees of Huite (China) Catering Equipment Co., LTD., and their associates.Including renting a room, next door community to have dinner together, together to attend the wedding banquet and so on.There is already community transmission, but the chain of transmission between them is very clear, belonging to the same chain of transmission.According to the transmission characteristics of Omicron, Hangzhou accurately divided “three zones” and set up key risk monitoring zones. Xia Shichang, Deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission: Hangzhou divided the containment zone, control zone and prevention zone mainly considering two factors: divided into small units to be as accurate as possible, and at the same time to cover all risk factors.Therefore, after careful analysis and judgment, the expert group divided three areas, including the area where the positive patients lived.For 240 employees of catering equipment enterprises in Hangzhou, except those who have been transferred to hospitals for treatment, other employees are quarantined as close contacts.In addition, the building, community or rural village where 240 employees live will be a key risk monitoring area. People in these areas will be tested once a day for three consecutive days to eliminate possible risks.In addition, the places visited by these personnel, such as supermarkets, chess and card rooms, theaters, etc., should also be controlled by the accompanying personnel in the same time and space for a period of time.The first confirmed case in Hangzhou may have been infected on January 19, and the virus may have spread to the third generation of Xia Shichang, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission: On January 21, the catering equipment company held a year-end summary meeting. On The 24th, the first case felt symptoms and went to the hospital the next day to seek medical treatment.We infer that he may have been infected on 19th, so it has been nearly a week since 19th to the diagnosis of the case, and three generations of cases may have been transmitted during this week.How to prevent further spillover of the epidemic in Hangzhou?On January 25, a positive case was reported in Hangzhou, which was identified by gene sequencing as omicron mutant strain.In two days, the epidemic has spilled over into Hangzhou.Anshun in Guizhou province and Shangrao in Jiangxi Province each reported one positive case associated with Hangzhou.As the Spring Festival approaches, what pressures does Hangzhou face?Hangzhou the outbreak there is a close contact with overseas import material, deputy director of zhejiang WeiJianWei Xia shi chang: hangzhou after the outbreak of an epidemic situation, has carried on the inspection to factory imported materials, raw materials, these materials are no use, also in the inside of the warehouse, to detect the total of 4 copies of double gene is positive, test results is Mr Mick Dijon strain.At the same time, full gene sequencing analysis was also conducted on all positive infected persons. Through comparison, it was found that the omicron strain was not the same as the omicron strain found in the existing imported persons in Zhejiang Province, nor was it the same as the omicron strain prevalent or found in other cities in China.We checked the data published by the World Health Organization, and found that the homology of the virus strain reported by foreign countries on December 11 last year is very high, and the expert verdict is completely consistent.Based on material testing, we initially believe that the epidemic is closely related to imported materials.As the Spring Festival is approaching, will people who are preparing to leave Hangzhou still be able to travel?Deputy director of zhejiang WeiJianWei Xia shi chang: (1) if you want to leave hangzhou go to other cities, it is suggested to check the destination of prevention and control policy, such as whether to provide effective nucleic acid testing to prove within 48 hours, first find out again, or it must be done at the airport, railway station, temporary nucleic acid detection, may bring some trouble.② It is recommended not to go out if it is not necessary. If necessary, take nucleic acid test and know your health status before going out.Ningbo has detected virus in imported cloth!Deputy director of zhejiang WeiJianWei should highly pay attention to the imported items Xia shi chang: want to remind everybody is, since our country enter the normalized prevention and control, including from local spread outbreaks across the country, from human-to-human transmission, to content, lead to human infection and related environmental pollution, the latter two cases frequency is increasing.Not long ago, virus was found in imported sealing cloth in Ningbo, so we need to pay more attention to the prevention and control of overseas express, mail and other items, and take corresponding protective measures.(Hangzhou Jiaotong 918)