Xi ‘an taxi “smart code” has been used more than 200 million times

2022-04-28 0 By

Since April 2019, Xi ‘an launched the first urban taxi smart operation demonstration practice in China, the accumulative use of “smart code” of Xi ‘an taxis has exceeded 200 million people, and the accumulative service evaluation has reached 110 million.How to improve the industry service quality is the key to the transformation and upgrading of traditional taxi.Therefore, Dida travel combined with the actual situation of Xi ‘an, launched a cruise taxi service evaluation system.A large number of service evaluation data are collected through intelligent codes to “sketch” the service of each driver.Based on the intelligent code evaluation, the service level of Xi ‘an taxi drivers has been inspected in a more comprehensive and real-time manner, and the qualified rate of service has been continuously improved.In January this year, the qualified rate of clean and comfortable taxi environment and safe driving in Xi ‘an reached 98.63 percent and 98.99 percent respectively, and the overall satisfaction rate of driver services exceeded 99 percent.Behind the improvement of service satisfaction is the continuous improvement of an efficient and collaborative taxi digital service governance system.Based on the connection of taxi smart code, taxi smart travel mini program, Phoenix cloud platform and automated monthly taxi service report, Didi Chuxing has effectively improved the efficiency and quality of taxi service control in Xi ‘an.At the same time, relying on service data statistics and summary, driver rating system, enterprise management, standardized training and other dimensions to carry out efficient governance, xi ‘an taxi service governance all-round digital upgrade.From: Xi ‘an Daily source: Xi ‘an Traffic release