Xuanwei city will issue living subsidy funds for students from poor families in 2021

2022-04-28 0 By

Hand-held Qujing news recently, Xuanwei city timely issued 2021 ordinary high central plains registered poor family student living subsidy funds 8,982,500 yuan, effectively alleviate the economic pressure of ordinary high school registered poor households, ensure that poverty alleviation policy is implemented in place, let each family economic difficulties of students at ease.For the implementation of the central and provincial party committee consolidated expand education poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization, play the guiding role of financial capital, xuanwei according to the yunnan province education department and other four departments about adjusting and optimizing student aid policy to promote poverty crucial achievement consolidated expand effective connection with country revitalization of the notice spirit,Regular senior high school students enrolled and enrolled before 2020 will continue to enjoy the living allowance policy until the corresponding schooling period of regular senior high school expires.Students enrolling for 2021 and beyond, the original document of average high school tent card poor student life subsidy object adjustment as a country to promote the department as “three” (out of poverty is not stable, edge easy poverty households, a massive overcrowded) rural low-income students, transition period (2021-2025), review once a year to confirm the recipient,No longer implement the policy of “one review for continuous financial assistance during the period of school”.After the new policy, xuanwei fund management center according to each high school students to verify the data of report, with big data for poverty alleviation in yunnan province and further than the student financial assistance system, to ensure that 7186 people cross tent card student data is accurate, not missing a home, do not fall, in order to strengthen the management of each school students funding subsidy funds, fund standard 1250 yuan/raw/semester,The funds will be allocated in full and in a timely manner, earmarked funds for special purposes, and delayed and delayed funds are strictly prohibited. Meanwhile, the government will actively accept the inspection and supervision of finance, audit, discipline inspection and supervision departments, so that the implementation of sunshine funding policies will be accurate and effective, and policy publicity and education guidance will be timely in place.Geng Jiahong li Yinglong