Gu Wei and chun Tian together, Xiao Zhan Yang Zi sang “The rest of my life please teach” theme song of the same name

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These days there has been good news, for the audience like Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, this is a big good news, has been withdrawn after the withdrawal of files, “The rest of my life” official announcement, and spent on Hunan SATELLITE TV, in the evening of March 15, that is, tonight will be officially launched, isn’t this good news?Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, the leading actors of the TV drama, also announced that the rest of their lives will be officially released.When xiao Zhan talked about “Ask for Advice for the Rest of my Life”, he couldn’t stop smiling. He admitted that the role of “Gu Wei” had different challenges. It was his first time to formally take part in a modern drama, and he envied “Gu Wei” very much after playing it:High education, high income, good character, three views, have a good family, all let a person envy.Compared with Xiao zhan’s first formal modern drama, Yang Zi is quite familiar with her work. In the previous hit drama Dear Beloved, Yang Zi and Li Xian’s partnership was very popular among audiences, and the romantic scenes in it were also overtly sweet.According to online data, the number of reservations for the rest of my Life is over 6 million!The show’s trailer has been viewed more than 460 million times!What the hell is that?What’s more, monkey Violet will sing the theme song of the same name with Zhan Zhan. According to the online video, the collaboration between the two is still very sweet and full of sugar, really good to listen to!I’ll see you tonight, Gu Wei, Lin Zhi school, for the rest of my life…Do not work spring breeze to relieve sorrow, he and smoke with romantic painting;What time add Orchid, he with fangfei for the rest of his life.Here’s Dr. Ku Weigu!