Hot around the world!318 Trinity gear to sea on full deck

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, with the sound of horns, a dedicated freighter loaded with 318 sets of SANY equipment successfully arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, pushing the “acceleration button” for local infrastructure construction and kicking off sANY’s international development in the New Year.Along the coast, the arrival of Sany equipment made the whole port busy, and the orderly array of hundreds of construction machinery was quite spectacular.Ranger, the international marketing manager who came to pick up the goods, said excitedly, “This is the first batch of SANY equipment received in large quantities since the Spring Festival. There are fully 318 sets of SANY equipment, including all kinds of construction machinery such as SANY excavators, car cranes, loading trucks and mixing trucks, which are mainly used to deliver customers’ orders from year to year.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the strong guarantee of overseas orders, Sany actively coordinated the shipping capacity and shipping space, and The United Shipping Company opened a special class express line. After several days of intense work, the loading task of all 318 sets and about 23,000 multi-party equipment was successfully completed.After more than a week of sailing, this batch of equipment arrived at the destination as scheduled, and is now being sent to the specific construction site to accept the review of customers and projects.The batch of equipment going to sea is the epitome of the strong development of Sany’s international business.In 2021, the global economy continued to recover. As a leader in economic construction, Sany achieved a year-on-year growth of nearly 70% in overseas sales, and became the “No.1 brand” in many countries and regions.Among them, the international sales of Sany excavators exceeded 22,000 units, doubling the growth, helping the world to resume work and production, and demonstrating the extraordinary strength of “China Sany”.Since the beginning of this year, sany, with its high-quality products, excellent performance, excellent service and increasingly famous brand, has obtained a large number of international orders, and shipped one cargo ship after another to all parts of the world.Beat the drum to urge march at the right time, vigorous sailing a new course.Facing the global market full of opportunities, Sany will spare no effort to promote the internationalization strategy, continue to increase investment, and shine the glory of Chinese equipment manufacturing in the world construction machinery stage.