Huo Qigang gave his wife pink roses!A couple’s hands are sweeter than their hearts, wearing matching coats to show their love

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Recently, Guo Jingjing posted an update on her social media platform, which reads: “Every drop of food, rice, oil and salt is always less than the joy of receiving flowers.” Guo also said that her husband Fok qigang is very romantic, even though he is very busy, he will not forget to give himself a sense of ceremony on Valentine’s Day, very grateful.One of them, Guo Jingjing posted a picture of the two standing among flowers, which sparked heated discussion online.In the photo, Guo Jingjing basked in a picture of a big bunch of flowers, the bouquet is very girlish, it seems that Fok is very careful.Behind the bouquet was a photo of the couple. Guo jingjing put a hand on her husband’s shoulder and smiled sweetly. Fok stood straight and smiled happily.In another photo, Kenneth Fok and Guo Are dressed in black matching outfits, which are simple and understated, and down-to-earth.The couple is photographed standing behind a rose stand, both half bent, their hands in a sweet heart.I love you, Huo Qigang is so romantic.Netizens were moved by Fok’s romantic gesture, commenting: “What kind of immortal love is this, a marriage that sublimates love.”Fok Qigang guo Jingjing has always been a very loving couple, married for many years love still.Not long ago, Fok posted a photo of the family of four. In the photo, the family of four stood under a windmill and took a photo. Guo Jingjing is tall and slim, holding her coat in one hand and lifting her daughter easily with the other hand.Fok, thinner than before, cradled his daughter in one arm, looking fatherly.Fok and Guo Jingjing will also cook together, Fok Is full of spirit, tone of excitement to recall last year to do rice cake scene, Guo Jingjing is quietly standing on the side of listening, two people move a quiet, although there is no physical contact, but can feel the tacit understanding between husband and wife and warmth.At a ceremony marking Mr Fok’s appointment to a key post earlier this month, Mr Fok looked stiff in a black suit.Guo, dressed in a white suit, elegantly presented the vegetable flower to Fok.Kenneth Fok naturally grabbed his wife’s shoulder and made intimate gestures, pointing at the flowers as they laughed on stage.Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing’s love for more than ten years is really enviable. They also proved to everyone that love is long and precious. I wish Guo Jingjing and her husband a happy life and a happy family.