If there is a color for rural revitalization, it may be the ancient color, green and red of Hutang Village, Lianhua County, Pingxiang

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Global JIANGXI Business network news reporter Ni Xiaofeng, trainee reporter Xiong Cheng reported: January 23, Pingxiang City, Lianhua County road town Hutang village, standing at the foot of the mountain opposite the entrance of the village, looked up, full of stairs, like straight soaring clouds, solemn and solemn feeling.Walk to the top of the mountain, a total of 226 steps, representing the intersection of the great victory in the 226 nameless martyrs.Decades later, Hutang Village, with “strive to enter a well-off society, all industries flourish, village appearance clean and tidy……””, will be the “ancient color, green, red” unique label to further shine, but also to the mountain opposite the 226 unknown martyrs and other martyrs who guard their day and night: when you at the cost of life load forward, here, now years quiet good, with each passing day.(today’s pond village, surrounded by mountains, static good years, the rapid) in awe of the heart, on the same day, jiangxi daily jiangxi jiangxi enterprise business media and love JiJiHong hot pot together, walked into the pond village, in the Spring Festival approaching, in the name of “joy, unity,” please “eat hot pot, rinse happiness” class, plan for rural revitalization of the bumper year.Also appreciate the unique hutang village “ancient color, green, red”.”Chinese Traditional Villages” and “Beautiful Leisure Villages of China” at the event site of “One Pot Reunion Banquet · Talk about Bumper Harvest year”…Hutang Village is located in the southeast of Lukou Town, Lianhua County, at the foot of the north foot of Nanyun Mountain in the middle of Luoxiao Mountains, with convenient transportation.The total area of the village is 8.2 square kilometers, with 1,146 people in 278 households.(Corner of Hutang Village square) clean, well-arranged, is the first impression of every tourist entering Hutang Village.Walking in Hutang Village, you can see exquisite stone carvings, wood carvings, brick carvings, winding laneways, blue SLATE roads, stone roads and stone arch Bridges everywhere. Typical Hui-style buildings in Southern Jiangnan are full of ancient flavor.According to Liu Jiang, the village party secretary, there are more than 50 ancient buildings in Hutang from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Ancient arch Bridges, temples, pagodas and Wells can be seen everywhere in the village.These buildings have retained the original style and strong rural style, and are “living fossils” of long history.It is specially protected and integrated into the daily life of the villagers.Thanks to many ancient buildings, perfect protection, still working practicability, Hutang Village has won many honorary titles such as “Jiangxi Province Historical and Cultural City”, “Chinese Traditional Village”, “China Beautiful Leisure Village”, “Pingxiang City Top Ten Demonstration Site of Rural Tourism”, “Jiangxi Province Forest Village”, etc.It has also become the filming location of films and TV dramas such as “Old Aunt”, “Beginner’s Mind” and “The Battle of the Communist Children’s Troupe”.(Ancient color lake, has many honorary titles) in this environment imperceptible, let a person not consciously have “litter everywhere” is a kind of sacrilege feeling.To this, the image of Liu Jiangyou words, in the village like a park, home to a hotel, “before the village road potholes, kraal toilet house, road flat now, not only new cultural square, leisure parks and public health toilet and other infrastructure, and road lights, also through the network, village CunMao has a big change, the villagers also boost happiness!”Looking up at the sky overlooking the rapeseed “green” lake and feeling relaxed and happy it is winter, in the public impression, is the dormant, bleak and desolate season.As everyone knows, in hutang village, there is a group of spring on behalf of the “spirit”, quietly came.In the arable land in front of the village, the canola flowers swaying in twos and threes are in full bloom, giving people a kind of “through time and space” illusion.Film green, let a person even in the winter, still relaxed and happy.Not far from the rape field, a lush cypress tree is particularly dazzling. These trees, which have hundreds of years of history, have their own school at the same time, and the well-arranged Hutang village, witness the vicissitudes of the village.These have become a vivid interpretation of “the village is a park, the home is a hotel” said Liu Jiang, the village secretary.In addition, the village south yunshan 500 meters above sea level, and Shimen Mountain scenic area connected into a piece.The mountain scenery is beautiful, the air negative oxygen ion content is high, many places are “at night starlight overlooking the light” the scenery is good.Therefore, even in the cold winter, the pond is still full of lush green, full of life.226 steps and 226 unknown martyrs witness the history and inherit the rich red culture, which may be the place where Hutang people are most proud of.In this piece of revolutionary martyrs with the blood of the land, the village, men, women and children, can tell a few red stories, among them, the most eye-catching, is “crossroads victory”.During the revolutionary war, Hutang Village was the seat of the Government of Soviet Shenling Township, the hunan-Jiangxi revolutionary base established by Chairman MAO Zedong.In 1929, the fourth and fifth columns of the Fifth Red Army led by General Peng Dehuai fought fierce battles with the enemy here through full cooperation with the local people. The enemy suffered more than 500 casualties, captured nearly 1,000 guns and all the enemy’s transport, and won an overall victory in the battle.In this battle, the red Guards in the intersection area joined the battle with the Shining Stone, Jiudu, Tongkeng, Yongxin Red Guards, etc., and cooperated with the Red Army effectively. A large number of young men with aspirations took part in the battle enthusiastically, and embarked on the revolutionary road from here.Hutang people are actively carrying stretchers back and forth to rescue the wounded, for the Red Army built a strong backing.According to statistics, there are 226 nameless martyrs in addition to the famous ones.Just completed the intersection of the victory landscape point, 226 steps, is the local people of the revolutionary martyrs respect and memory of the direct embodiment of the feeling.When you arrive at the top of the mountain and think of the battle scene, you feel a heavy sense of history. When you look down on the lake and other villages, you will see a conversation with the revolutionary martyrs through time and space in your mind.Up to now, the red army temporary hospital, hall, canteen, headquarters, red slogans, fort, trenches, red Army bridge, red Army forest and other red remains, have been well preserved.These red resources become hutang village and the surrounding villagers for future generations to pay their respects, always remember the revolutionary martyrs for the founding of new China made great contributions.(Red Army Forest) (Red Army Bridge) The year 2021 is the first year for the Party and the country to comprehensively promote the rural revitalization strategy.Soon, “Rural revitalization” became one of the top 10 buzzwords of 2021, and even ranked first in the “2021 Top trending words on CNKI”.The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is a continuation of efforts to consolidate the achievements made in poverty alleviation. It has not only brought tangible benefits and results to the general public, but has also had a profound impact on students, encouraging them to devote themselves to the community level and take root in the frontline.(Chen Zisuo interviewed by global Jiangxi business network reporter) Chen Zisuo, is one of them.He graduated from the School of Public Health of Peking University. In 2021, as a selected student, he became a supporting cadre in Hutang Village together with jiangxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau. He practiced his ideal of “making his own contribution to rural revitalization” with actions, and also interpreted the “true nature of youth” in the prime of life with sweat and dedication.The province health bureau has witness village, since the strategy of rejuvenating rural work, Anthony refrained shuo and provincial health bureau residency first secretary zhou, players and will village “two committees”, working day and night, rationalize, work through each link, the revitalization of the organization, the industrial revitalization, symbol of talents, cultural prosperity and ecological revitalization of five aspects, has made gratifying achievements.In this regard, Chen Zisuo said, “I am very lucky to be selected and transferred to Hutang Village in Jiangxi.Before, there was no clear concept of rural revitalization.However, through several months of work, I understand that rural revitalization is to revitalize the well-being of people in the whole region.Hutang village has a very rich ‘red, ancient, green’ three color resources in the future work, I will be stationed in the village team, village cadres together, fully explore, excavate these resources, effectively into the grassroots, do a good job of helping cadres.Although the rural revitalization support work has been carried out for a short time, the results brought to Hutang Village can be seen by the naked eye:The cattle breeding industry has developed vigorously, saffron and other Chinese medicinal materials have been planted successfully and have generated initial profits, the rural tourism circle to create the “pan-lake” area has been initially formed, the project to transform the main road of the village from white to black has been completed, and more than 80 solar lamps have been installed. Even at night, the lights are still bright…(zhou), first secretary of the provincial health bureau in pond village of rural revitalization of the development direction of the next, zhou summarized as 12, “with the village two committees for a long time in the residency task force will study and discussion, we are now helping train of thought, is red heritage, ancient color fragrance, green development, promote the pond village rural tourism industry, the prosperous common people strong impetus pond village village.In this regard, we will not forget the great trust of the organization, live up to the expectations of the villagers, and help the work well with our heart, affection and effort.”Jiangxi daily jiangxi business media and love Jiangxi enterprise Jiji red hot pot jointly launched “a pot of reunion banquet · Talk bumper harvest year” Hutang village station activities that day, the villagers in business Liu Tianliang took his son to go to school in Guangdong, returned to his hometown after many years.At the reunion dinner, referring to the changes in the village, Liu Tianming’s excitement was overflowing: “I grew up here, very clear of the previous situation, the changes in the village now, really can be described as earth shaking.I brought my child back to let him know that my roots are here and I need to remember my homesickness.For me, I will use my own actions, at the same time, call on more fellow villagers, together, to contribute to the development of the village, we should contribute to the strength.”(Villager Liu Tianliang) Hutang Village is now thriving in carrying out the rural revitalization work, thanks to which the “ancient color, green and red” business card of Hutang Village has become increasingly loud, which is also a vivid practice of the rural revitalization strategy at the grassroots level.Unity of heart, Taishan shift, small to the village organization, to the country, the nation, all need this.Similar lakes in the village of practice, are the many corners of the earth connection, the broad masses, concentric 勠 force, side by side, hand in hand, creates one warm and the fruitful “country revitalization of the story”, these stories, city river confluence, prompting “China dream to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”, accelerating in the reality.