Life first!Huangshan is about to do something big

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In the morning of February 17th, in the meeting room of Huangshan Municipal Government, Xinyun Hengan Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a contract with The Development Investment Group of Huangshan High-tech Zone, marking that the wearable ecg monitoring equipment headquarters production base and the national chest pain data service center project settled in Huangshan.The signing ceremony was simple and brief, witnessed by Sun Yong, mayor of Huangshan.The two sides also held consultations on a pilot program to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases across the country and reached initial consensus.01 Why Go first?”The most important indicator of modernization is people’s health, which is the foundation of a happy life for the people,” Xi jinping said during an inspection trip to Fujian province in March last year.The whole Party and society must firmly uphold the principle of putting the people and life first.”Among the top ten causes of death in the world released by the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are always at the top of the list, known as the “number one killer” of human health.According to the report on Cardiovascular Health and Disease in China 2020 released by the National Cardiovascular Disease Center, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in urban and rural areas, accounting for 46.66% in rural areas and 43.81% in urban areas.Planning the layout and focusing on promoting the construction of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment system is an important measure for Huangshan city to cope with the challenges of aging society and protect people’s life and health. It is also an urgent need for Huangshan city to build an ecological, international and world-class leisure and vacation destination city.According to industry insiders, Huangshan is a well-known tourist city at home and abroad, receiving tens of millions of tourists every year.The establishment of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment system is an important foundation for Huangshan to make it livable, suitable for work and tourism. It is conducive to protecting the life, health and safety of citizens and tourists, and developing leisure and recreation industries.It is conducive to inheriting and innovating New Ann Medicine, promoting and strengthening the life and health industry;It is conducive to improving the level of medical services in mountainous areas and optimizing the business environment of dual recruitment and dual introduction.02 How to try first?The signing of wearable ecg monitoring equipment based data service center project, production base and the chest pain by heart rhyme hengan medical technology (Beijing) co., LTD., investment construction, with a total investment of 120 million yuan, the main production is given priority to with “is the heart” series of wearable ecg monitoring equipment, and cardiovascular before 50 hospital in-depth cooperation with China,Exclusive construction and operation of a national ecg network.Xinyun Hengan Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the new business mode of “Internet + Medical and health” wearable ECG testing field, as well as an innovative enterprise of out-of-hospital remote ECG monitoring.Chen Liheng, chairman of the company, introduced that it plans to take the lead in building a model project for the prevention and treatment of whole-range cardiovascular diseases in Huangshan city by relying on ecg monitoring equipment and the national ECG “one network”, and provide overall solutions of telemedicine, health management and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for potential cardiovascular disease risk groups and patients.Xin ‘an medicine is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.As the birthplace of Xin ‘an medicine, Huangshan city thinks further: can we explore and sort out the famous prescriptions and medicines of Xin ‘an school of medicine, intervene in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and form a new system of cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine?At the same time, we will focus on prevention at the grassroots level, guide the public to move from disease treatment to active health, and reduce medical costs for society and individuals.03 How to amplify the effect?Health is the most important indicator of a happy life, health is 1, other are the following 0, without 1, no amount of 0 is meaningless.The life and health industry is one of the nine emerging industries that Huangshan city has decided to develop and promote first.The signing of this project means that the city’s life and health industry family has a new member.The person in charge of the Health commission of Huangshan city introduced that the life and health industry involves “medicine, medicine, health care, health, tourism” and other fields. It is an innovative industrial chain led by science and technology, and an important support for building a modern industrial system that is compatible with the ecological environment of Huangshan mountain and integrated with the cultural deposits of Huizhou.In fact, from the industrial base, industrial ecology and other aspects, huangshan is not dominant in the development of life and health industry, but the reporter observed that the city’s development strategies are practical and effective.On the one hand, guided by science and technology, Huangshan city highlights the recruitment of new people, recruitment needs and recruitment chains. It is not greedy for perfection and does not engage in “everything is in the basket”. It coexists with universities and research institutes to attract talents and projects, cultivate “singles champion” and “hidden champion”, and enlarge the brand effect.Huangshan city, on the other hand, lead to project, advantage of three times to push industry communion, do fine with multi-level diversity to the health of the characteristics of the medical industry service, do best to cure the pension industry to the health of the direction, to do light mountain outdoor sports brand movement to the health of the leading industries, and make a new pattern innovation management to the health of the power industry,Strengthen the health leisure tourism industry with the integration of business forms as the key, and do the healthy medicine and food industry supported by the cultivation of sophisticated Chinese medicinal materials.Adhere to the concept of life first, the development of life and health industry, huangshan people are doing this thing, or will affect Huangshan, worth looking forward to.Source: Anhui Daily news submission email: Editor: Wang Jing Second instance: Xu Haisheng final instance: Jin Yimei