Liu Qiangdong: You spoil your daughter into a princess, but the guilt of your son is a lifelong pain

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Liu Qiangdong is a business tycoon. Now, the first impression of Liu Qiangdong is jingdong. Liu qiangdong and his ex-wife Gong Xiaojing are the founders of jingdong, but they announced their amicable separation in 2000 due to their relationship.1. Liu Qiangdong stayed true to his original aspiration after starting from scratch.Liu started his business from scratch, initially raising money from villagers in his village because of tuition fees.Later, liu qiangdong originally wanted to return to his hometown to be the village head to repay the villagers, but in order to make his hometown more prosperous Liu Qiangdong chose to go out to do business.Then he put all his energy on the business, after the improvement of the first time back to the village to build the investment in his hometown and repay his benefactors, Liu Qiangdong always knew that without the help of the villagers, there would be no success today — people benefit fruit thousand years of memory, people spend thousands of years of incense!(Liu Qiangdong business tycoon) 2, Liu Qiangdong affection road.Liu qiangdong and his ex-wife Gong Xiaojing were college classmates and liu qiangdong’s first love.When Liu set up a counter in Zhongguancun, his wife’s family became dissatisfied with him because of personality problems with Gong xiaojing, and they broke up in 2000.Liu quickly married another woman after breaking up with Gong and gave birth to a son in 2006.In an interview with Ningxia TV in 2010, Liu qiangdong freely admitted that “his son is four years old” and said that “the mother of the child has left to live a personal life alone.” It can be seen that Liu Qiangdong is also in a state of divorce, and his love road is bumpy.(Zhuang Jia, sales director of small household appliances of JINGdong) He met a female employee named Zhuang Jia in his company, and He was very fond of Zhuang Jia. At work, Liu qiangdong even transferred Zhuang Jia from Shanghai to Beijing to take care of him.But the two did not live together for long and did not get married, later in the United States a discussion meeting met milk tea sister Zhang Zetian.(milk tea sister: Zhang Zetian) since meeting Zhang Zetian Liu Qiangdong’s heart in the pursuit of any woman zhang Zetian milk tea sister.And Zhuang Jia did not therefore leave jingdong, but because of this later to jingdong company inside some people hate milk tea sister Zhang Zetian, said that milk tea sister Zhang Zetian destroyed belongs to Zhuang Jia love and hate Zhang Zetian said she is a participant.3, Liu Qiangdong and his nearly 20-year-old milk tea sister Zhang Zetian.Liu Qiangdong and milk tea sister Zhang Zetian married smoothly, in the eyes of many people milk tea sister in appearance is a vase, and Liu Qiangdong age like father and daughter caused a lot of controversy, in fact, otherwise milk tea sister Zhang Zetian has a certain personal strength.First, milk tea sister looks outstanding, for Liu Qiangdong so hard to get rich boss really need such a beautiful wife to accompany, so that they can get a sense of achievement from home.Second, the milk tea sister herself from a famous university (Tsinghua University), now is not the sister with milk tea, not only know standing behind Liu Qiangdong vase, she herself through learning and exercise cicada into a qualified business investors.Zhang Zetian’s personal investments include: “Dongchen Investment”, “intelligent milk teahouse”, and Zhang Zetian’s charities are quite famous.Third, the milk tea sister gave birth to a daughter for Liu Qiangdong, and forgave Liu in the “Liu Qiangdong Minnesota incident” in 2018.Although Liu Qiangdong once said that his face blind can not see a beautiful woman, so there is a later people talk about “Liu Qiangdong does not know his wife is beautiful”.But in caring for his wife, he is very focused, not a big boss style, more like playing the role of a stay-at-home dad.Liu qiangdong takes time out of his business magnate to spend time with his family, including caring for his young daughter.Attend the event do not forget to bring Zhang Zetian and her daughter in the side, giving a person the feeling is a pet wife, and her daughter is very beautiful, very like Liu Qiangdong.Zhang zetian is happy even though the faceless Liu qiangdong can do this.(liu to attend the activities, with his wife and daughter) so many people don’t know here liu is also a son this year 16 years old (born 2006), milk tea sister ZhangZe stepson get along while and home is good, but, after all, how many barriers in a stepson birthday party ZhangZe day personally wrote a greeting card for him,When the card was handed over to see written “young master” two words, and called himself “small day”.Here let a person have doubt – Zhang Zetian’s status in the home, the master this address seems to be thought-provoking, in the face of this master is how much people a little embarrassed.Some people think that the name of the card in front of the stepson simply write “happy birthday to my brother” and “sister” and other words.But after Zhang Zetian’s second thoughts and Liu Qiangdong’s guilt has a lot to do with these are reasonable.Liu qiangdong and Zhang Zetian due to liu qiangdong’s work, their son was sent to quantuo, and he could only see and accompany them once a month because he was always on business trips.For a single child, his world is gray, after all, life is very incomplete without his mother’s company.Now his son has also been sent to study in an American school, with even less time and company.Children’s childhood needs careful care and more company. Liu Qiangdong’s care for his son is not much better than that of left-behind children in rural areas. Although rich jia’s economic conditions do not worry about food and clothing, the child’s growth needs his own witness step by step.Conclusion: Every time Liu Qiangdong mentioned his son, he felt very guilty and painful.Good husband, good father, good boss Liu qiangdong also wants to do well, but there are always some things that people feel powerless and that may be fate.