New Year’s greetings, the most sweet and beautiful

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New Year’s greetings, the sweetest and most beautiful folding 365 days of joy and happiness, light and color, pray and miss, will be opened at the end of time – The Spring Festival, such a beautiful day.Spring is its door, colorful aspirations is its key, opened with a bang of that moment, all the good together erupt, as if the night sky is full of fireworks.See: the rising sun is shining on thousands of homes, and the fragrance of the newly brewed Tusu wine is wafting in the burnish cups.The bell of the New Year is robbing before the peach and red willow green, will be happy drum to ring fiercely, this sounds of nature in general music straight to the heart of everyone in The Chinese earth, thick give their life of peace and good luck.Cold has passed, lonely snuggle warm, waiting to be replaced again, pale and gray will fade in red and green.The true meaning of the world, the spring breeze into the rain, into the dusk, into the morning, into the Jiangnan, into the north, into the mountains and rivers, into the horizon.Spring began to germinate, hope began to vivid, dream of green buds yellow flowers, looking forward to the distance, looking forward to flying.Good luck is riding Taurus, all the way xiangyun, towards you, around you.Looking back on the old, the time left is the debris of light, there is no need to lose regret sentimentally attached to, sometimes farewell is not the end, but the beginning of a new course.Brave forward this evening, live this evening, laugh for this evening, sing for this evening.The heart has flowers, there will be warm sun, there will be jasmine.Years of deep feeling, forget Thanksgiving.Thanks to those who give us moved and rose, let us because of love and care, never give up love the world, love yourself;Thank yourself, no matter how cold and thin life, hands have been left with fragrance, heart has been warm, there has been a smile on the face, to treat others, treat yourself.In this auspicious and festive year’s end, do not say the hardships of the old tired, do not say the sad grievance of the past.We only say the joy of reunion, we only see bright fireworks, we only send the best wishes, we only listen to warm greetings.We just want to raise our glasses to celebrate, drink and wish with those we love, those we love, those we miss, those in front of us and those far away.Wish sweet and fragrant love, everlasting friendship and sincere affection forever!Life thriving, this life longevity continuous!Thousands of things the wind shun, everything gratified, year after year!Source: The insect under the leaf Ann Panlan ruo