On the stage, he’s pointing at the flag. It’s so cool

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17,Beijing Olympic men’s 1000 m short track speed skating finals are unusually fierce in the replay, the referee just called a penalty after the final Chinese players all, cb won gold and silver Wu Dajing won the fourth place which is also the Chinese delegation won the second gold medal in the Olympics in he heard he had won the champion later all face upwards long excitedly tackled in coach arms more than tearsWhen ren Ziwei was on the podium, the scene of pointing the five-star red flag moved countless netizens. After winning the gold medal, Ren Ziwei was also moved to tears in an interview with reporters. He recalled,After mixing the relay gold medal after when the national anthem when you want to follow to sing the national anthem has to cry to sing not exit after the awards ceremony and a group of and about the size of their volunteers have been singing the “ode to the motherland” until he got on the car “I for our this generation of young people full of hope that we can all contribute to the country” for national Internet users have been the spirit of a new generation of young people in ChinaImpress “the young strong, the country strong” “young people have unlimited energy and courage” good job, Chinese young people!Congratulations to the Chinese short track speed skating team!