People in the trough, learn to be silent

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As the ancients said, “Like drinking water, people know whether it is warm or cold.”Most of the time, our hearts are already ice and snow, in the eyes of others, but just a little more silent than usual.Our attempts to talk about our suffering are often taken as pretentious.”Easy doesn’t exist in the adult world.”The real smart people, have long abandoned the delusion, suffering and happiness of their own, without the understanding of others.Complain less about some people, once encountered unpleasant things, like to complain about god and you, complain about unfair god, complain about the people around the heartless.Of course, people’s negative emotions should be avoided.Complaining properly can relieve your negative emotions.Sometimes, we need a little ah Q spirit.Don’t take all the failures, all on their own, to appropriate to reduce their own decompression.But there is a limit to complaining.When we have properly vented our negative emotions and calmed down, we need to stop complaining.Blindly indulging in the mood of complaining, will only let yourself depressed, and ultimately accomplish nothing.A person, want to change the status quo, often not by changing others, but by changing yourself.It is useless to complain about god or others.Instead of wasting time in complaining, it is better to polish your strength silently and make yourself better and better.When they become shining, those who were heartless, may also become “heavy feelings heavy righteousness.”Lu Xun said, “Human joys and sorrows are not interlinked.”When we are hurt, suffering, there is often a desire to talk, expect to be able to get others’ understanding, others’ comfort.But what was the result?We pour out, in return, is often the other party’s disapproval.Our war seemed to the other side to be nothing more than a breeze.No matter how we explain it, it doesn’t help.Faced with such a result, we can do nothing but keep silent.Only oneself silently digest, and reconcile with oneself.In “Blessing,” Xiang Linsao just begins to pour out her misfortunes, earning tears and sympathy from some people.There are some old women, did not hear this experience in the street, deliberately sought to listen to.Listen, shed tears, a sigh, satisfied to leave.However, as Xianglinsau narrated more and more, people’s sympathy became less and less.In the end, Xianglinsao’s confiding, not only failed to get sympathy, but was ridiculed by others.”Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.”Sometimes we just feed someone’s “curiosity” that they don’t care how we’re doing.Everyone, are busy degrees of their own disaster, and which have redundant thoughts, to keep concerned about the joys and sorrows of others?A sign of maturity, is no longer expect to get sympathy from others through talking, but their own suffering, silently eat, their own rob, their own silent degree.Some people say: “a backer will fall, and everyone will run.”A person, the biggest backer, not others, but their own.Only oneself, is to accompany oneself the most long person.There is a story.One person went to the temple to worship Guanyin, but found a guanyin exactly the same person, also in worship guanyin.So he asked: “Are you guanyin?”The man replied, “Yes.”Then he asked, “Why do you worship yourself?”Guanyin answered: “Because it is better to seek others than to seek yourself.”Sometimes, when we are in trouble, we subconsciously turn to others for help.As a result, you become very passive.In fact, take a deep look, you already have the ability to solve problems, why always rely on others?Others can help for a while, but can not help forever.A person, and because of relying on others and be disciplined by others, it is better to let oneself become strong, let oneself become their biggest backer.When they become strong, natural security is full.On the contrary, if always rely on others, even if others are strong, it is hard to avoid worries about gains and losses.A writer once said, “Every strong man has lived through a period of unhelpfully, unsupported, uncaring.”The real strong, not necessarily have a strong strength, but must have a strong mind.With this heart, they braved waves, endured hardships, and finally, they could see “flowers and flowers, a million soldiers.”With your mutual encouragement.