Who can lose to China?Thailand U23 da Shuai controversy put words!China’s lost face must rely on THE U23 to recover

2022-04-29 0 By

The situation of Chinese football has been hotly discussed recently, and now it seems that Thailand U23 are not satisfied with their previous loss to China, because Thailand coach Worrawoot-Srimaka made another controversial remark in an interview today.In the last dubai Cup, fang Hao, China’s no. 20 and known as China’s Cristiano Ronaldo, gave a superb performance as his senior xi led his team to a 4-2 win over Thailand.The current Thai coach Worrawoot-Srimaka has spoken out directly, claiming that the loss to China was his fault, not because of how strong China is.The Thai coach pointed out directly to the camera that he had to apologize to his fans first, but that they lost the game not because of quality, but because of their mistakes, and they will improve their mistakes and play better in the next matches.Meanwhile, his side did their fans a disservice by losing to China.Not only that, but the opposition’s manager is still clamor, publicly stating that they will continue to play the way they do, their philosophy will not waver, and continue to play that way will surely improve.They didn’t want to force changes on their style of play, they came into the tournament to show what they could do and, after apologising to the fans, he admitted his side would make fewer mistakes at the back.He repeated the mistake and was no doubt very unhappy about losing to China. You can see that no one is happy to lose to China.After all, the Previous Chinese Fang Hao did perform very well, all 4 balls were wonderful, but at the same time, you have to say that all 4 balls were due to the opponent’s mistakes to some extent.On the first goal, he made a mistake in front of the defender and stole it from behind. On the second goal, he made a mistake in front of the defender and intercepted it. On the third goal, he made a mistake in front of the defender and caught a gap in front of the goal.The fourth goal was also a mistake by the opposite team. Fang Hao finished the goal after beating the opponent’s defender, but the opposite team would not have scored if it had not made a mistake.All mistakes to help him to get the goal, this must be the coach of Thailand very uncomfortable place, and the match on both sides of the 12-10 lead shot number compared the Chinese team, but the ball rate is 40% for 60 or so, China still lags behind, so they must be felt not convinced, think the Chinese team goals have luck,How could this happen if we didn’t make a mistake?The Thai coach is still talking hard, but you should not think that the Chinese national team is the Chinese team that once lost to Thailand by 5 goals, now the Chinese U23 national team has been brave after the humiliation, know the humiliation, will not be as bottomless as the predecessors.More importantly, the turnovers are for the opponent to consider, but if we don’t handle the turnovers on the other side, that’s for us to consider, and you did, I handled, that’s my own ability.If all like Yu Dabao walk in the midfield do not want to move, then how can there be these goals, these 4 balls may not have one, is because the others fang Hao enough to fight, physical confrontation is strong, to spell these opportunities, so you Thailand do not give up.If you want to fight back on the court, fang Hao as China’s Ronaldo, a 22-year-old genius, the future has infinite room for growth, the next decade he will be the backbone of the Chinese team.