After parents realize the benefits of delayed service, they have new requirements: shorten teachers’ summer and winter vacations!Why?

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After tasting the benefits of delay, parents came up with a new demand: adjust the teacher’s vacation!Look at the picture: according to the requirements of parents, summed up, there are mainly the following aspects: one, winter vacation adjustment, that is, the current winter vacation can not adapt to the needs of children!Why is that?This training company has gone out of business!I wonder where he took his son?I don’t even know how to have a baby!Finally, they made an offer, that is, let them give up their holidays to take care of their students!In fact, the parents forgot about summer foster care and predicted summer foster care this winter!Second, the delayed service is very satisfied, not as good as the previous school, seven hours to arrive!One, because parents are busy with work, teachers have to take care of their children perfectly!To what extent do teachers care about children?Intramural education institutions on campus!Sad mood: Do parents want a teacher now?Every parent has to do according to their own family conditions, if the parents are not satisfied, then, their life will become very bad!Why can’t parents trust to have three children and hire a teacher!If there is not enough strength, there must be one!How can you be a drag when you have a son?Recommendation: Let the kids go to the boarding system!It is the parents who shout for childcare and delay service all day long that cause a great impact on other students, but parents are the worst!My parents said there was too much homework, so my boss canceled homework for the first and second grades!Many parents of the students said that it was because of the imbalanced education funding of the school, so the school stopped all classes and many teachers lost their jobs!The parents said, they are not, so there is foster care!However, the parents said that the winter vacation is too long to take care of their students!Do you have to be controlled by your parents?!Be a parent’s fire fighter?Preparing for children and parents?Netizen 2: I don’t agree. I prefer the mode before doubles. In our town, the class was finished at five o ‘clock before doubles, and there was no cost.At first, his time was 3:30, but today, it’s 4:30, 6:30.I, as a parent, am so tired to see such a small child that I don’t even want to eat. A group of children stay at home for more than ten hours, and the parent says that they will take care of the winter vacation?May I ask: does the child approve?As a parent, I wouldn’t say yes!I want to: abolish postponed school time, let the primary school three thirty classes, a morning of the first grade!This is the best way!Otherwise, reduce burden is rascal!Netizen 3: Parents are busy making money, find a wet nurse to educate their children!Don’t talk nonsense!Most children also have to travel, visit relatives, study, free choice ah!How can you spend a whole year just reading?Tired of it!Although, in this winter holiday, they will be very agitated, but they are the happiest time, is to put the winter holiday, and then is to study, work, life, parents, these are arranged by their parents, they should deprive them of freedom?The bad part: Why should I want them?Practice of teachers in summer and winter vacation: study and training, summer vacation hosting, taking care of children, squeezing time to travel.His time is running out!The journey is the last step!If only a few Buddhist teachers did not participate in anything, they might be able to enjoy a peaceful winter vacation, but how can there be so many teachers?Reality won’t let you do it!Why would parents do that?One is the demand for their own work and life.Oneself take care of child inconvenient, the job is busy, cannot drive, what method can help you?In any case, no matter grandparents, grandparents, or even parents of children, are not suitable!Who are these two men?The best choice is your mentor!Why is it the best?Due to early delay service and summer service really solved the problem!Parents eat a loss, will take advantage of the situation, this kind of thing, who don’t want!That’s great!The other is to feel that their tutor work is easy, no sunshine, no sunshine, no holidays, and even can give lessons to students, even can give lessons to students!Can also receive gifts, I envy!Teachers should do their own work, do their own care!Third, is the teacher competent?Teachers absolutely can!A teacher is a teacher!No matter how unwilling he is, how tired, but, as long as it is the order of the superior, he will stick to it!So, their parents, has been crying!The teacher?Parents just give advice, teachers do not care too much!Can let others put forward, reasonable and reasonable to accept, unreasonable ignore!Also, the hosting is free, so if you think you can get involved, do it!Parents should not always look at the teacher, it is better to control their children!