Chen Changhao: 25 years old when the military political commissar, after the founding of the country partner cheng Marshal, he only when the deputy director

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The early and middle of the last century was extremely gloomy for most ordinary people.However, it is in this era that countless revolutionary heroes from different backgrounds and with the same ideals stand out from all sides and contribute their own strength.These people have different backgrounds, achievements, experiences and fates in their old age.Chen Changhao, at the age of 25, served as a military political commission, but in his later years only worked as deputy director of the compilation and translation Bureau until his death.In turbulent times, China has no shortage of patriotic young intellectuals, and Chen changhao is one of them.Chen Changhao was born in A county of Wuhan in August 1906. In his early years, he was admitted to Wuchang University with excellent grades and became a college student.If Chen Had settled down to find a job as a college student, he would have lived a very good life.But in this turbulent time, Chan’s dream was not to find a regular job and lead a normal life.In 1926, when Chen Changhao was 20 years old, he joined the Communist Youth League of China and devoted himself to the revolutionary cause.The following May, Chen changhao served as the Communist Youth League hubei Provincial Party Committee propaganda department secretary.After the failure of the Great Revolution, he still persisted in underground struggle in Wuhan.Studying abroad may have been a hero in turbulent times, but at that time, for our Party organizations, not only guns were strong, but knowledge was equally important.So in the autumn of 1927, Chen changhao accepted the dispatch of the Party organization and set out to study at Sun Yat-sen University in Moscow.And right now the wife is pregnant in, but for revolutionary cause, Chen Changhao did not hesitate to take missing to leave.Soon after studying in the Soviet Union, Chen became a probationary member of the Communist Party of China.In October 1930, Chen Returned to Shanghai after finishing his studies and became a full member of the Communist Party of China in December of the same year.Since then, Chen Changhao’s political career can be said to be smooth. On November 7, 1931, at the age of 25, Chen Changhao served as the military and political Commissator, became the direct commander of the Red Fourth Front Army and became a partner with the founding marshal Xu Xiangqian, which is a very high achievement both now and then.Chen Changhao, who was entrusted with the important task, did not disappoint the people. Under his command, the Red Fourth Front Army gradually built sichuan and Shaanxi revolutionary base areas into the second largest Soviet area in the country.Becoming the leader of the Red Four Front Army not only brought him honor, but also reflected his ability, but the greater the ability, the higher the honor, the greater the responsibility.In May 1935, forced by enemy conditions, Chen Changhao was forced to lead the Red Fourth Front Army to carry out the Long March.In October 1936, he arrived in Huining, Gansu province to join other main forces.After the meeting, the Western Route Army was established, led by Chen Changhao and his old partner Xu Qianqian, and set foot on the road to the west from now on.However, the western expedition suffered heavy losses, the road encountered difficulties and obstacles, far more than we imagined.Whether it was the battle against the Ma Family army or the famous gulang bloody battle in history, the fourth Route Army was greatly weakened.Since then, Chen Haochang led the fourth route army and battle and retreat, to preserve strength.But even so, there was no way to change the outcome of the defeat of the Fourth Route Army.Living in a foreign land although has been in the army, but Chen Haochang’s physical condition is not very good.In particular, the military environment was harsh. Shortly after Chen Haochang returned to Yan ‘an, he was forced to go to the Soviet Union for treatment because of stomach disease.But in 1941, when German forces suddenly attacked the Soviet Union, Chen was rushed to a small town.Both medical conditions and food are very scarce in this town, and Chen haochang’s physical condition is getting worse.After several unsuccessful applications to return home to fight, he chose to go to the front in Stalingrad the following winter to do his duty as a soldier.In 1943, the Comintern announced the dissolution of Chen Haochang and other two comrade-in-arms were found by the Communist Central Committee of the Soviet Union, arranged to work in the Bureau of Soviet Culture and Publication, began their own translation work.After returning home, although in a foreign land, Chen Changhao misses his motherland all the time.After the end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Chen Changhao, living in the Soviet Union, repeatedly asked to return to work.Finally, in 1952, when he returned from the Soviet Union, he met his old comrades and told them how much he missed them.And face the ex-wife Zhang Qinqiu that pays a lot for revolutionary cause, Chen Changhao is filled with thousands of regrets in the heart, the feeling of guilt in the heart is hard to express.Later, He served as deputy director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau until 1967, when Chen died at the age of 61.