How much does it cost to travel to Hulunbuir Grassland?Related travel precautions to share with you

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Think of hulun Buir to travel friends, is not the local travel needs to spend how much money is very concerned about it?Of course, how much money is the most important part of the tour to the local tourism, so we can make a sufficient budget for the tour in advance, so how much does it cost to travel to hulunbuir Prairie?Want to know the friends can carefully read the small series to share this article, I believe there will be the answer you want.Specific cost first see people living standard and what is the mode of travel, choose off-season words ChiZhuXing play every day around 200-300 (5, 6, 9 months each year for the local tourist season), the tourist season ChiZhuXing play 500 yuan a day (July and August for the local tourist season), free line and the cost of the pure play commercial vehicles small excursions were similar,If you come to Hulun Buir for the first time, you can recommend a local independent tour group, so that you can see the scenery that other group tourists can’t see, and you can also stop at any time to enjoy the beautiful grassland by the roadside, and take photos with flocks of cattle and sheep.More details of Hulun Buir travel travel notes xiaobian arrangement to share with you.In Hulunbuir, two people can choose to charter a car or customized tour, if a person can choose to carpool tour, the following summarized some pit prevention strategies as follows, Hulunbuir is rich in natural tourism resources, there will be many tourists from all over the country every year in the summer of beautiful water and grass.For tourists who come to the grassland for the first time, they do not know much about local tourism, and feel that Hulun Buir is a distant and strange place, do not know the route, there is no familiar and reliable travel agency, so many friends regret after coming to the grassland.What kind of practitioners to choose for their own services, to prevent being cheated, is also a problem that tourists often encounter.1. Watch out for low-cost drivers at airports and stations, and touts from tour guides and travel agencies.Hulun buir waiting station passenger hub airport in recent years brought together a large number of unidentified in the personnel of various signs, selling tickets, also with the hotel accommodation, and the people go to travel, they would certainly not have legal qualification, but most of them has a very strong sense of ability, can the mood, can speak eloquently again, first to sell at a high price,If not, and to ultra low price to lure, as long as they succeed, immediately resell customers, blink of an eye can not find people.In fact, there are a lot of problems in this, since they can lose money since the low price, there is a natural way to rip off customers, so we must polish eyes not to be lured by low prices and sweet words.2, beware of the trap of the taxi some taxis, or local black car waiting at the airport and some large hotels around, waiting for him, with some rhetoric to defraud the trust of the tourists, local flavor restaurant guests to introduction of accommodation, is introduced, and introduce the guests to travel to earn their illegal rebates.No Good Goods at a bargain The phrase “no good goods at a bargain” is also applicable to travel.Taxi or black-car drivers have no advantage over regular hostels in booking accommodation and arranging Tours.All they can tell you is low-value artificial landscape projects, vehicles without tourist qualifications or safety guarantees.The Web is a very transparent medium.The website that introduces Hulun Buir travel on the network is also a lot of, the same line, scenic spot quotation is also multifarious, is why after all?When choosing a tour route online, tourists should carefully check the specific scenic spots on the itinerary and whether the tickets for scenic spots are included in the itinerary price.Some sites have a lot of information on the itinerary, but inconspicuously indicate what attractions are actually included in the price.4. What is the key to choosing local hotels and b&B?In hulun buir local hotel, and there are a lot of home, home stay hotel price from one thousand yuan a night to one hundred yuan a night still have very big distinction, general five-star hotel or theme hotel or ordinary business hotel prices in July and August every year is very expensive, but really reassuring to live in, but in recent years the home stay facility also with tourism popularity is more and more,The price is generally 50-100 yuan per person, the price difference of more than ten or twenty pieces of room as long as more search, should still be able to find, but additional services are actually the standard to measure the price, health, quiet, location and so on, if the inn owner ignores, to the guests indirect loss is more than ten dollars of things.For example, if you do not recommend affordable and delicious places to eat, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars per meal.For example, failing to provide professional travel advice can cost you a lot of money and a lot of wasted travel.5, beef jerky, hulun buir beef jerky is famous, if we go out to travel to the hulunbuir most people would buy some local specialties, take home to your family and friends in the streets and alleys of the hulunbuir have beef jerky sale stores, including specialty stores also have sell beef jerky, this time we must polish eyes,First of all, the price is less than 100 yuan/catty is certainly not made of beef, secondly, we are unable to distinguish whether it is real beef jerky, we are going to choose a large regular shopping mall to buy, because the large market will be more reliable reputation.6 purple, amber, beeswax, Russia can be seen in the streets and alleys of the manchurian we sell Russian amber, beeswax and Russia zijin shops and stalls, such as laymen like these we are unable to identify items of true and false, so do not covet is cheap to buy some plastic or rub off the purple and gold jewelry.7, individual guest reception low group many tourists came to Hailar, arriving at the hotel at night after a taxi tour back to the inn will be with advance contact good travel agency said, “your home line expensive!Others want to be a hundred or even hundreds cheaper, many stores in the city have a sign to write the price!It’s cheaper than your home.”In fact, every line is a cost, not to say that the high price is good, but too low price, there must be a problem.There are two main aspects: first, the content is reduced. First, we should compare scenic spots, service projects, additional services, etc. Some scenic spots tickets are as high as hundreds, remove one, and the natural price comes down.Many low-price groups do not go to these scenic spots, they will arrange these scenic spots are not beautiful, boring and so on, tourists do not understand, naturally fall into the trap.Secondly, accommodation location, room type and so on.Hotels in the city are much cheaper than those in the suburbs or new areas.Third, the vehicle license plate.Large buses are naturally cheap on average, but there are too many people and too many things to stop.Commercial vehicles are a little expensive, but few people are comfortable, and they can stop to take photos/go to the toilet.Then to see whether the car license plate tourism license, formal tourism license car own insurance, out of what have to check, someone tube, have to compensate.And the private car black car price is low, many low price group will take tourists to shopping, not satisfied with the road to throw guests and so on, that is more tearless, and no door to complain.So economic consumption is right, but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.8, advertising gimmicks many websites or stores have a lot of low-price shopping groups, tourists to consult, will be like not fun, bad road conditions and so on all kinds of reasons, anyway, can not sign up for the group, and then pass you to recommend another line, in fact, this is cheaper and more cost-effective, and so on…Under the offensive of the businessman’s three inch not rotten tongue, the tourists are naturally deceived in the fog.The above is about how much money hulun Buir tourism needs and some local tourism attention, I hope to help you.Need to book local tourism can consult travel guide matters can consult with small series of communication.