Husband unfaithful for years, extubated in ICU by wife: partner, the last audience in your life

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Many years ago, in a university class, a very respectable professor once said: a person, only when the end of life, will find the most valuable in the world, is the family.And this affection, the most worrying or guilty, not children, not parents, but partners.When we were young, we scoffed at the professor’s words.But in middle age, with all the joys and sorrows of life, these words have been echoing in my heart.I finally understand that a person in this world, the most should be kind to, is his partner.In this article today, I want to analyze the humanity and significance contained in it from the most realistic perspective.On Douyin, Dr. Chen from Liaoning Fuxin Mining General Hospital told a real case.One night, a male patient came into the ICU.38-year-old, brain stem hemorrhage, critical condition.A woman rushed on his body, crying tore heart crack lung: “husband, husband, you can never occupy ah, please you save him!”The woman is inconsolable appearance, let everybody can not help but nose an acid.The doctor inserted a tube into the man’s windpipe and put him on a ventilator, hoping that these methods could save the man hovering on the edge of death.The man’s condition was very serious, with more than 5 milliliters of brain stem hemorrhage, which is the most serious type of brain hemorrhage.Finally, after the doctor’s rescue, the man’s condition slightly stabilized.However, when the doctor opened the door, the woman who had been crying was gone.At this time, the nurse suddenly said that the patient’s family has come to inquire about the situation.Doctors immediately puzzled: just that woman lying on his body, is not a family member?Only later did the doctor understand.Originally, the man derailed for many years, just that woman is his derailed object, later this is the man’s original wife.See original match came, small three afraid to get into trouble to slip away.The situation finally became clear, so the doctor and the first wife explained the situation.Serious condition, critical condition, huge cost, will try to rescue but can not guarantee……The original says we need to think about it.Five minutes later, however, the original manager uttered two words: Extubation.The whole life of the husband and wife, in the last moment reflected most vividly.The doctor was surprised by his decision.Why extubation?The man has been cheating on the outside for more than 10 years, the money earned in these years all spent on the mistress, now to the last moment of life but to the original wife to “dig out” himself to save him, how many people can do?Can come to visit, already belongs to benevolence and righteousness, but want to borrow to cure, I am afraid cannot do.Under the video, many people felt the wife’s actions were too cold and cruel.But WHEN I saw it, I could only sigh: In the long road of life, whatever cause you plant, what fruit you will produce.When a man abandons his family and children, he never thinks that one day his life will be in the hands of his wife.When you’re young, you have to be nice to your partner.When you lie down one day, dominate your life, not necessarily the doctor, also will not accompany you to spend a lot of wine brothers, not your lover, but your partner!Only she has the right to be consulted, and only she has the right to sign the consent form!A medical master from Zhihu said that he had been in the hospital for so many years and found that the incidence rate of men was much higher than that of women.They have their own small family to take care of and cannot be filial around you all the time.Parents are also old, they have no spare power to take care of a patient.Only your partner, can accompany you, silently guard beside you.It is said that the wife is the last audience in her husband’s life.I think so.No matter how a man spends his life, when it comes to the real curtain call, only his wife will be with him.How you treat the person you’re sleeping with is reflected back to you.Not long ago, the crew of Let Love Come Home came across an old man on the streets of Shenzhen.Unexpectedly, the background of this ragged old man is surprising.His name is Jiang Yuan Chen, who used to be the chairman of The Hong Kong Sheng Long Fa Company. At that time, he had assets of over 100 million yuan, luxury cars and hundreds of employees.He was also featured on a local TV show as an outstanding entrepreneur.Fame and fortune were all in his pocket.At that time, he was proud of his horse and his life was extravagant and extravagant.More money, less thought.In the most beautiful time, the side of nature little beauty accompanied.Later, he left his wife and children for the women outside.This act, also became his wife’s heart forever pain.Later, Business of Jiang Yuan Chen fails, capital chain is broken, he collects debt everywhere, in those days belle companion, also leave him and go.Career failure, frustrated in love, the all-powerful old man, unable to face the gap in life, they fell into the streets, to scavenging for a living.The show later contacted Jiang’s wife back home and said he was in poor condition.His wife, who is in her 70s, told the reporter emotionally: “He lost his family more than 20 years ago. He is poor, and I am not poor?”Not only his wife, but also Jiang yuan Chen’s children, who have grown up, graduated from prestigious schools and are doing well.But their memories of their father are hazy.Past injuries have caused this family so much pain.After more than 20 years, they still feel like a thorn in their hearts.We often say that home is a warm harbor.When you decide to abandon your wife, that’s when you cut yourself off from the harbor.And when you get old and want to dock, there’s no place for you.In my hometown, there is a tenant.When he was young, he said few kind words to his wife. He could not say a few words without becoming furious and even physically attacking her.All of these are seen by the children.Later, land expropriation came down, he was more unscrupulous, take money to go out to eat and drink.The child’s character and his very similar, because the early years did not how to manage the child, resulting in the child did not receive what education, early then dropped out of school.And children are impulsive, anything is used to solve with fists and violence.That day, he had another argument with his wife at home.As he was about to hit his wife, the child rushed out and knocked him to the ground.The boy in his twenties was strong and healthy, but he was old and frail, and was no match for him.When he was controlled by his wife and son, he suddenly understood that all this was karma.My father always stressed to me that home and everything will be happy.Before, I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, just thought it was a chicken soup, but when I look back at the fate of those who arbitrarily oppress their wives and children in their youth, it strikes me as exquisite.Some families, parents love and harmony, children grow up in love, receive a good education, admitted to college, have a good career, filial piety to parents, the family life is more and more prosperous.And some families, husband and wife quarrel, both derailed, no one tube children, children grow up in violence and quarrel, drop out of school early, the home is more and more poor, more and more decadent……It is well said that the future of a family lies in your attitude towards your partner.Between people are mutual, you are good to me, I will be good to you, two people work together to take care of the family, the day will be more hope.Conversely, if one party has a hidden agenda, the other party will not benevolence and injustice, two people will only sink in revenge and hatred.Just as the parable says: “Woman is water, you meet me at 0 degrees, I immediately become ice;You use 100 degrees love me, I will immediately boiling;You use 50 degrees to me, I am neither cold nor hot.”A relationship between a husband and wife is like two doors: paint the same color, husband and wife have the same face so they don’t lose face with each other;Open or close in the same direction to hold a house;On the same lock, the door will be firm;Husband and wife concentric, two people will stick closer.Although open the door and close the door in every time, two doors will inevitably knock against, but as long as timely repair and maintenance, will be able to stand together through thick and thin, forever good!Source: Reader