Important reminder!This section of the Shenzhen-Hai Expressway was under traffic control for 45 days and six hours

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Recently I learned from zhan jiang city public security bureau traffic police detachment for Shen Hai highway (G15) zhanjiang section reconstruction direction of guangzhou Yang mei communication construction to enter and exit ramp direction, Yang mei exchange into or out of Shen Hai high-speed guangzhou ramp to implement traffic control vehicles, please pay attention to aviation control time on February 26, 2022, 12 to April 12, 18,Forty-five days and six hours.Control sections shenzhen-Hai Expressway (G15) Yangmei interchange ramp A (Zhanjiang to Yangmei direction) and ramp B (Yangmei to Guangzhou direction).Control measures 1.a ramp (zhanjiang to Yangmei direction) is completely closed, vehicles are not allowed to pass, passing vehicles please exit shenhai Expressway from Linwu Interchange in advance.2. Ramp B (Yangmei to Guangzhou direction) is completely closed, vehicles are prohibited to pass, yangmei tollgate to Guangzhou direction entrance is prohibited to enter the expressway, vehicles to Guangzhou direction please by County Road X623 or Wuchuan branch line bypass provincial Road S285 to shallow water interchange into Shenhai Expressway.Traffic control during the period of passing motorists and control the speed of the car, please drive carefully follow all instructions given by the traffic signs along the driving guide obey the public security traffic police and road administration staff and workers of command in order to avoid congestion pay attention to the traffic police in zhanjiang public, navigation software to check the road construction reasonable planning route for traffic control information in real time the inconvenience please understanding source: southern plus