She is a no-kiss actress, known as the cleanest actress, and now happily married

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She is the cleanest actress in show business who never kisses.When it comes to show business, you don’t have to think first.This is your circle of chaos.Actually, it’s not like everyone thought.It is only because of the explosion of so much black material on the Internet that netizens’ impression of the entertainment industry has slowly deteriorated.In fact, there are still plenty of relatively pure actresses in the entertainment industry.Today, we’ll talk about the actress who even saved her first kiss for her husband.She is Li Xiaomeng, the actors never kiss when choosing scripts, which greatly limited the development of show business, but Li Xiaomeng was still very popular in the early days, as “the cleanest actor”, some of the early works were also very popular.It was only after marriage that the focus of his life was on his family, and his work gradually dwindled and his popularity was gradually eclipsed.Li Xiaomeng, who was born in Tianjin in 1985 and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, was nominated for best Supporting Actress at the 21st Golden Rooster Awards in 2001 for her role in who Says I Don’t Care.She’s done a lot of acting up to now, but she has a weird thing about acting that she never kisses. It’s really hard for an actress like her to last this long. If other actresses didn’t kiss, they would have quit acting long ago.That year, Wang proposed to his girlfriend Li Xiaomeng in front of nearly 1,000 teachers and students at the Shaw Theater of the Central Academy of Drama. Three months later, Li married Wang, who gave birth to a boy in 2017.The two of them stayed in the circle for so many years, never any hearsay and bad news of this couple, from this thing can see their husband and wife affection is quite good!Many netizens have seen their love, and Wang and Li had a good relationship before their marriage.Since the baby was born, but also for their emotional reinforcement of a thick layer of barriers.In the entertainment industry, there are still some actors.While she is known for gossip and hype, Li xiaomeng always sticks to her bottom line in the entertainment industry.Not only did she avoid hype, she also held the record of zero gossip for years.Most importantly, as long as there are kissing scripts, it’s not because she can’t act, it’s because it’s not part of her acting.As a result, she would never consider kissing scenes, preferring instead to focus on the captivating parts of the script that truly embody her acting skills.Although she has always insisted on not kissing the camera, her work has remained popular, not drowning in the entertainment world, but also popular.This will lay a solid foundation for a happy life after marriage. It can be said that Li Xiaomeng is very single-minded in emotion.After marriage, I didn’t even want my husband to kiss other actresses, so Wang Lei gradually rejected the kissing script.After marriage, the two lead very disciplined lives and are the model couple in the circle.There has never been any indication that they did not agree to change their marriage.We’ve been on good terms for years.This is a good model for mutual support.Some netizens broke the news that Li Xiaomeng’s first kiss was left to her current husband Wang Lei. Many netizens admire Li Xiaomeng’s insistence. If there were no people like Li Xiaomeng, there would be no true love in this world.Like Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei such a happy family, is really envy others, in fact, in the hearts of many viewers, they are so low-key, two people are so in love, xiaobian believe that their baby will grow up to be a big boy.Do you think there are many people like Li Xiaomeng?Welcome to leave a comment!Therefore, Li Xiaomeng’s reputation as the cleanest female star in the industry seems too great.Such a real actor is one who engages the audience through acting skills and story lines.I don’t know what you’re thinking.If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave a comment.See you next time.