The quarrel between husband and wife is sometimes sudden and explosive

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One couple, who had been married for 40 years, knew each other well enough.One morning, the wife was pickling vegetables and said to her husband, “Take a look at my mobile phone. Yesterday I saw a video that pickled radish with salt and vinegar is crisp and lasts a long time.I did not save yesterday disappeared, you check “.The husband picked up the mobile phone to check, and if he did not find the video in the save bar, he input the keywords to view, and while watching came to his wife, let his wife see which video is?Wife side pickles while watching video, watching dozens of videos, none of the video I saw yesterday.The wife said, yesterday I saw a video, is a person to cut the whole white radish, and then cut, cut into strips, not into sections.The wife said, “It’s not a round turnip, nor a green turnip, nor a red one, nor one that is pickled and eaten.”According to what the wife said, the husband entered keywords for many times and searched for the wife to view, but he could not see the video.The husband said, you yesterday is not save also calculate, that at least write down some who is the video, I find easier.In fact, the husband thought, it is not necessary to find the original video, just look at other videos on marinating methods.But the husband knows his wife’s character and should not try to persuade her to change what she thinks.After a long search, I still couldn’t find it.The wife began to blame her husband.The two already had a verbal spat.The husband says, you say long strip, I input radish strip, the video that comes out is wrong also.With respect to this sentence, the wife’s voice is big, the wife say, who call you seek long strip shape?I say cut, cut, pieces.This husband is a hot temper originally, also lost patience at this time, heard his wife’s voice one high, feel a fury straight blunt forehead, throw down the mobile phone to say, you check!Just this time, the wife said, my fingers are so cold that I want you to check a video and get angry!I quit, too!Throw it away!They quarreled more and more.The wife said, “It’s you who want to plant radishes. What do I care?”Without thinking, the husband immediately replied, “I won’t plant any more!”The wife said, “If you don’t plant, you don’t plant. Who wants to plant?”The wife says, “My fingers are hurting from the cold, and you have to show me the video!”I have to do?I’m supposed to do the work around the house?The husband said, I meant that I had to check it for you because you didn’t save or save the video, not about housework.But the wife still clung to the subject.The husband couldn’t help but say again: “I get up every morning to cook breakfast these years, have I ever said a word?”The wife said, you are just cooking a pot of porridge every day, eat not delicious!I won’t eat any more!The husband says, talk to you is bump into a wall, not cooperate with good.Does it pay to be unfeeling?Can we solve the problem?The wife just wouldn’t listen and walked away.It was cold and raining moderately.But the wife went out anyway!The husband thought, I am not pickled vegetables, because their pickled vegetables are not good, easy to bad.Seeing his wife gone, the husband took off his cotton-padded coat and pulled up his sleeves to finish the unsalted food.At noon my wife came home.They did not speak, the wife went straight to the kitchen, cooking the pot for lunch.Before the husband finished pickling the dishes, the wife brought a bowl of steaming green vegetables fried rice cake to her husband. The wife apologized and resolved the disharmony.