What is the impact of the Ukraine situation on the stock market

2022-04-30 0 By

And we should all know that the United States is behind this.A lot of news comes out every day. What’s true and what’s not?It seems that the world is such a confusing and turbulent place, why?The real news is that the US really wants to make Europe not peaceful, and really wants to make Europe and Russia hurt each other, so that the US dollar strategy can be realized.But why Ukraine?Having just pulled out of Afghanistan and failed to make a big splash in Iran, Taiwan can only play a small game. These are not enough to realize the old strategy of returning dollars to the United States. Only enough to stir up the world can we reap the world and serve the American economy.Naturally, Ukraine is a good choice, Ukraine to join the European Union over the years, constantly to be close to Europe and the United States, against Russia, and Russia and the United States does not want to also don’t want to positive, more reluctant to do really, as long as the disturb dollars overseas investment environment, by raising interest rates again, the dollar, or those who fund the rich on Wall Street will naturally sold overseas assets return the United States,In the service of America.Will that affect The Chinese stock market?Will, will, last year northbound and foreign investment in China’s stock market is the largest year, once the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, and the situation in Ukraine will make the United States stir more turbulence, dollars will accelerate the return, China is no exception, but how much impact, I don’t think it will be great, but we must have adequate preparation.In recent years, China has been deleveraging, including local governments, real estate enterprises and household debts. Moreover, in terms of monetary policy, we have been relatively cautious, not flooding, and basically targeted investment.So our country has done a lot of preparation, plus our foreign exchange control and foreign exchange reserves, overall will not have a big impact.But our stock market, has been the lack of a big pattern, especially those institutions, can not withstand a little wind and rain, the periphery of a little wind and grass, afraid of not, and will panic hit dish, ignorance shameless, no pattern more no faith.So I think or our confidence, as long as we firmly believe in the country, believe that further deepening of the reform, there is still an opportunity this year, we together to the future!