4 points and 4 fouls in 3 games!The most overrated woman in women’s basketball has a place in the World Cup?

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Women’s basketball world preliminary group three wins to advance, this process can be said to be uneventful.However, in the women’s basketball, this women’s basketball world preliminary match actually also frustrated.Like Li Yuan on the controversial, always failed to honor the value of female Zhao Jiwei;Like Wutongtong is also up and down;There is, of course, another man in an even more awkward position.As the oldest veteran on the team, Gao song barely made a presence on the team and became the most overrated player — none.Speaking of Gao Song, in fact, it is young fame, miao Lijie and Chen Nan retired, she once became the flag of Chinese women’s basketball.At the 2010 Asian Games, at 18, she became China’s youngest player of the post-90s generation, and two years later, she was on her way to the London Olympics.In the national team resume, Gao Song does not lose to any of the current national players.However, after the 2019 Asian Cup, gao Song gradually retired from the national team due to the replacement of the women’s basketball team.Gao song has not been selected for the national team again in the past two or three years and was also absent from last year’s Tokyo Olympics.However, at this year’s world Preliminaries, gao Song, 30, was selected again.Shao Ting, Sun Mengran and other veterans in the absence of the case, Gao Song became the team of the oldest national qualification.However, the performance of the past three games, Gao Song did not play a veteran role.In the opening game of the group against Nigeria, she scored 4 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists on 2-for-6 shooting, which was an average performance.He played only three minutes against Mali before being scratched. He had zero points, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks. However, he committed two fouls and one turnover in three minutes.It was after this war, during the subsequent war with France, that Gauchon was hidden.Throughout the women’s basketball world preliminary 3 games, Gao Song’s presence is very low, even can be said to have no presence at all.In the past three games, she has scored only four points, averaged two points, 1.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and contributed two fouls and 0.5 turnovers.That may be why the women’s basketball team finally chose to drop her.Given that the World Cup is a higher level of intensity than the World Cup qualifier and the subsequent recovery of veteran Shao Ting and Sun Mengran, gao song’s position in the women’s basketball team may be lost if shao Ting and Sun Mengran choose to return.After all, she was probably the first player to be waived by the women’s basketball team in the last two games.