A company in Shenzhen held an annual meeting, and its employees were given 365 days of paid leave, which resulted in a discount of 200,000 yuan

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The year of the Tiger is about to ring!Year after year, the festive color has quietly blossomed.The annual staff meeting is basically a routine program held by all units.The employees have worked hard for a year, and the leaders want to give them some rewards and inspiration at the conference.The eight immortals cross the sea.Some will find gold directly, some will eat big meals, some will reward materials…Lucky to draw a prize in Shenzhen, the boss of a unit is novel and unique.The 70 employees gathered together and began to draw prizes to add to the fun.One of Lin’s employees pulled out the ticket, opened it, and began to feel uneasy.It said “365 days of paid vacation.”Mr. Lin wondered if his boss was giving him a hint that he wanted to fire him.This year Mr. Lin’s achievement has reached 20 million yuan, which is quite a good achievement. Just when he doesn’t know what the boss is selling.The boss volunteered to congratulate him on winning the only award among 70 employees.Express their original ideas, on the one hand out of the ordinary, on the other hand can also comfort the staff.Of course, privately, the boss said that if Mr. Lin does not want to take a paid vacation, he can also discount the award to 200,000 yuan.Mr Lin was naturally willing to accept the award. After all, being away from work for 365 days is a miracle of life’s happiness, but it is not a perfect thing after all.Congratulations to Mr. Lin after thanking the boss, immediately took out ten thousand donations to the poor mountainous area.This is really: shenzhen annual meeting is really strange, the first prize has a new idea.Donations show true feelings, interesting talk spread all over the land.