A live-action drill was held in Wudi County and Xiaopotou Town to deal with COVID-19

2022-05-01 0 By

At 3:00 PM on February 11, wudi County and Xiaotou Town staged an all-factor drill on COVID-19 response in Madaomen Village of Xiaotou Town.Zheng Zhenliang, secretary of the County Party Committee, Liu Haiqing, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Director of the Office of the County Party Committee, Li Li, deputy Head of the county, and leaders from the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the county Health Bureau, the CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and the town offices visited the drill activity!More than 100 people participated in the drill, including containment, sampling, retention and transfer.After exercise, county CDC experts to on-site review of this drill, drill scheduled results have been achieved, in the process of practice, all relevant departments according to the division of emergency plans, act quickly, close cooperation, each link cohesion is smooth, measures in place, fully tested the feasibility and operability of an epidemic prevention and control emergency, exercise the actual combat ability of the emergency response team.Since the epidemic prevention and control, Xiaopotou Town, in accordance with the requirements of provinces, cities and counties, has set up the baseline thinking, maintained the focus of work, effectively improved risk awareness, continued to do a good job of preventing imported, internal rebound work, and maintain the people’s life safety and health.Through the exercise, the emergency response system of the whole town was further improved, the handling capacity of public health emergencies was enhanced, and a solid foundation was laid for resolutely winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.Zheng Zhenliang had concluding remarks, the exercise, he points out, through summarizing practice experience, to further strengthen the implementation of the responsibility, highlight key, unified planning, classified guidance, insist on the prevention and control in accordance with the law, scientific control, precise ShiCe, earnestly implement the key crowd, epidemic prevention and control of main body responsibility and measures in key sites, pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control passengers trying to work as a whole.He called for the exercise as an opportunity to constantly check and fill gaps, improve work plans, enhance actual combat capabilities, tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, combine regular epidemic prevention and control with emergency response, and build the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level.Reporter: Li Bin rector: Liang Ruijuan