Chongqing agricultural machinery purchases subsidy policy to come!The subsidy for each set of complete facilities and equipment is nearly 600,000 yuan

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February 6, urban and rural development as a whole net news (reporter liu) recently, the reporter learns from agriculture and rural areas in chongqing committee, chongqing this year and in the implementation of a new round of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, will involve rice, maize, potato and other staple food crops and livestock like pigs and other important livestock production of agricultural machinery and all required included in the scope of subsidies, implements the darned should do.In accordance with relevant arrangements for launching trials to subsidize new agricultural machinery products, we will actively explore trials to subsidize complete sets or major agricultural machinery facilities and equipment in areas such as agricultural greenhouses, crop seedling cultivation, harvest drying, standardized pig barns, and resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste.The subsidy limit for each set of complete facilities and equipment shall not exceed 600,000 yuan.Home temple town YongAn Village eppo drone on organic rice spraying effects of subsidies of 118 item according to introducing, farm machinery purchase subsidy scope according to the actual needs of agricultural production and the city’s subsidies amount of funds, adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, from the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy released agricultural NongCunBu machine type selected chongqing subsidies to the scope of machine type,Open subsidies are implemented for the machinery and tools that fall within the scope of subsidies.Subsidies machine types are mainly cultivated soil preparation machinery, planting fertilization, field management, machinery, harvesting, post-harvest handling machinery, agricultural products in raw machinery, drainage and irrigation machinery, livestock, aquatic products, agricultural waste treatment equipment, farmland capital construction machinery, machinery and agricultural equipment facilities and 14 kinds of 37 small class 118 item.Districts and counties are encouraged to include the machinery and tools needed for the development of local characteristic agriculture and those with strong applicability to small regions in the subsidy scope of financial funds arranged at the corresponding level. The specific categories and subsidy standards of the machinery and tools shall be determined by the districts and counties themselves, but they cannot occupy financial subsidy funds above the municipal level., according to the relevant person in charge of agriculture and rural areas in chongqing committee subsidy machinery subsidies must be within the scope of the product, or access to agricultural mechanical test appraisal certificate (popularizing agricultural machinery appraisal certificate), either for farm machinery mandatory product certification, on voluntary certification by the pilot range of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery voluntary product certification or obtain a subsidy can be obtained.A permanent nameplate with the manufacturer, product name and model, factory number, production date, implementation standard and other information shall be fixed in a conspicuous place.The subsidy limit for each set of complete facilities and equipment shall not exceed 600,000 yuan for individuals and agricultural production and operation organizations, including rural collective economic organizations, specialized farmer cooperative economic organizations, agricultural enterprises and other organizations engaged in agricultural production and operation, according to the introduction.Yongchuan district Xianlong town fendian village harvester is harvesting soybean subsidy standard in accordance with the central financial agricultural machinery purchase subsidy quota subsidy, the amount of subsidy by Chongqing Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee according to the relevant provisions of the calculation and determination of the release.The subsidy amount shall be calculated based on the average market sales price of the same file products in the previous year, the proportion of which shall not exceed 30%. The average market sales price in the previous year shall be calculated based on the subsidy data of chongqing Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy application service system in principle.According to the characteristics of chongqing hilly and the agricultural industry development present situation, in the weak link of grain production, excellent advanced aspects such as selection of agricultural production, green intelligent operation equipments, large and medium-sized, double entry is not more than 10 items of products, its subsidy measure up to 35%, the generic class machine a subsidy can be higher than the corresponding highest puts the central government funds,The increase will be kept within 20%.For machinery and tools with too much ownership and relatively backward technology in Chongqing, the proportion of subsidy calculation will be reduced year by year, and the proportion of subsidy calculation will be reduced to 15% or below by 2023.In addition to the above increase subsidy measurement proportion of the subsidy machine, the general subsidy machine single subsidy limit in principle does not exceed 50,000 yuan;Milking machinery, dryer single subsidy limit not more than 120,000 yuan;The subsidy limit for single tractors with more than 100 horsepower, high-performance green feed harvester, large no-tillage seeder, large combine harvester, large rice seed soaking and bud accelerating program control equipment, and machinery and tools for resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste shall not exceed 150,000 yuan;The subsidy limit for tractor of more than 200 horsepower is not more than 250,000 yuan;The subsidy limit for each set of complete facilities and equipment shall not exceed 600,000 yuan.Offline application subsidy “run at most once” agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in accordance with the “independent purchase of machinery, quota subsidy, purchase after compensation, county-level settlement, direct compensation to the household (card)” mode of implementation.Purchasers shall choose to purchase machinery and tools independently, negotiate with agricultural machinery production and marketing enterprises to determine the purchase price and payment method in accordance with the principles of marketization, and bear legal liabilities for the authenticity and validity of the transaction and possible disputes.Upon completion of the purchase, the purchaser shall independently submit matters concerning the application for subsidy funds to the local agricultural and rural departments, sign a letter of commitment for notification, and promise that the purchase behavior, invoice price and other information about the purchase are true and valid, and apply for subsidy according to relevant provisions.Learned, area county department of agriculture rural comprehensive service system implemented continuous open all year round, and widely used information technology such as mobile phone App with facial recognition, convenient upgrade at any time online submit an application for subsidy, should be recorded as record, buyers are offline for subsidies to realize “up to run a” “up to run a place”.The district and county financial departments shall timely examine and verify the application and relevant materials for cash redemption submitted by agricultural and rural departments, and ensure that the funds shall be paid to the purchasers meeting the requirements by means of centralized Treasury payment within 15 working days.It is strictly forbidden to squeeze and misappropriate agricultural machinery to purchase subsidy funds.If the payment has to be delayed due to insufficient funds or strengthened supervision, the buyer shall be informed, and timely report the fund supply and demand situation to the municipal level jointly with the agricultural and rural departments at the same level.In principle, the subsidy application is valid in the current year. Those who cannot enjoy the subsidy due to insufficient financial subsidy funds and limited processing time can have priority to redeem the subsidy in the next year.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: