Foshan ushered in the first digital audio-visual cultural industrial park

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Foshan will build the first digital audio-visual cultural industrial park.On February 15, chan Kwai Fong digital Audio-visual Cultural Industrial Park project was officially launched.Within 300 days, the park plans to build a comprehensive consumption park integrating film and television, short video, live broadcast, cultural innovation, research and business, and build a digital audio-visual cultural industry platform with the model of “film and television +” whole industry chain.The project is jointly built by Foshan Cultural Development Investment Management Co., LTD., Foshan Road and Bridge Resources Development Co., LTD., Guangdong Zhuying Cultural Industry Investment Co., LTD., guangdong Tianlun Growth Space Operation Management Co., Ltd. as the operation consultant.Today, nearly 20 enterprises and projects have signed contracts to enter Chan Kwai Fong.Nearly 20 enterprises and projects have signed contracts to enter Chan Kwai Fong.Chan Kwai Fong is located in the central area of Zumiao Street and Nanhai Guicheng Street in Chan City. The project covers a total area of 28 mu. The whole building complex is transformed from 6 old factories and 3 employee dormitories, with a construction area of more than 70,000 square meters, including 1300 square meters of open space for supporting parking.”The first positioning of Chan Kwai Fong is to build a first-class digital audio-visual cultural industrial park. By using digital audio-visual methods, we can build a digital audio-visual park, attract talents, gather enterprises and build an industrial ecology of digital audio-visual.”Guangdong Tianlun Growth space Operation Management Co., LTD., Foshan creative Industrial Park founder Qiu Dailun said.In order to attract more young creative talent and entrepreneurs, zen laurel fang will also plan to construct web celebrity vegetable market, stereo pedestrian street fashion, web celebrity apartment, children’s playground, growth, and studies such as space and forms, for the white-collar workers, nearby residents, the spirit of urban youth to provide a cost-effective consumption platform, namely the community space to grow up.In the past year, Chancheng District and Zumiao Sub-district have made great efforts to build the axis of Lingnan culture, focusing on the in-depth integration of Lingnan Guangfu culture with business and tourism industries, and improving the ability to gather and radiate consumption resources and the core competitiveness of the business circle.How to promote cultural industrialization and industrial culturalization, and combine traditional culture with modern life, aesthetics, technology and products, are the problems that must be considered in the development of foshan’s cultural industry and the refinement of urban cultural symbols.As the new IP of Foshan culture development brand, Chan Kwai Fong’s goal is to revitalize the city with culture and revitalize the city’s cultural context with industry.As a digital audio-visual cultural industrial park, Chan Kwai Fong will create a cross-boundary ecological chain of community service industry to promote the integration of consumption scene, office scene and living scene.Next, the project operator will see Chan Kwai Fong grow from scratch to become a popular online clock-in resort through three “100 days” plans.In the first “100 days”, it is planned to complete the launch of Chan Kwai Fong project, introduce 8-10 enterprises to settle in, and complete the construction of basic stock projects.In the second “100 days”, The Chan Kwai Fong project was opened, with a planned occupancy rate of 50% and construction of highlights completed.In the third “100 days”, Chan Kwai Fong will enter the formal operation stage, with a planned occupancy rate of 60% to 70%, and complete the renovation.Wang Lifeng, member of the Standing Committee of Chancheng District Committee and minister of the publicity Department, said that Lingnan Guangfu culture should adhere to entering the masses and blending into daily life. More and more lingnan cultural elements and modern life have a strong chemical reaction in Chancheng.”Chan Kwai Fong project is located in the new and old culture integration development area of North Wenhua Road, with obvious geographical advantages. Chan Cheng District will link with relevant municipal departments to actively support the project to create a new cultural and creative demonstration block in Foshan.”Mr. Wang said.Wang Beibei statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: