Golden Dragon bus rv debut!9.8L power automatic transmission, the appearance of ordinary car will be no problem

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Hello, everyone!When it comes to jinlong Bus saloon car, in everyone’s impression is just like a mobile palace, luxurious interior decoration, large independent bedroom and so on, but today to see this is a little different, its internal overall design is more relaxed, more suitable for the company to open a mobile annual meeting, why?Let’s look ~ old rules from the outside, after all, is a famous “bus rv”, the appearance is really quite bluster, the length reached 12 meters, 3.7 meters high, although I usually sit used to long-distance bus, but when I close to the car, or feel a sense of pressure.Headstock design modelling using upper and lower double Windows, huge front windshield not only can give drivers provide a better field of vision, also can bring better lighting, for the car to know in order to ensure that the car illicit close sex, both sides are all made of dark privacy glass, daylighting is bound to be affected, but before the window area is big enough, still can make up for it.The design of the tail of the car is basically the same as that of the ordinary bus. The tall body of the car seems to be standing in front of a wall. Here is a friendly reminder that if you encounter such a large car on the road, you must keep a safe distance with the car.Into the interior of the car, the exterior swing electric door I believe we are more familiar with, into the car, the floor clearance from the ground is very high, you need to walk three steps to enter the interior of the car, perhaps a higher sitting position will make the car personnel more secure.The driver’s seat and the rear living area are not on the same level, so the movement of the rear passengers will not affect the driver’s driving.In terms of power, this car carries an engine with a displacement of 9.8L and a peak torque of 1800N·m. It matches an automatic transmission. Although it is an automatic transmission model, A1 certificate is still required if you want to drive this car.The interior design of the carriage is not quite the same as the impression of the bus saloon car. This car may be more appropriate to be called the commercial vehicle. Looking ahead, the large body makes the depth of the interior space become very large, like a deep and bottomless dazzling tunnel.The top and both sides of the car are decorated with a large number of atmosphere lights. Fortunately, the shape and color of the atmosphere lights are more design sense, and there is no previous similar rv to give people the impression of “earth hi”, but to create a good luxury atmosphere.In the first row seat is two independent airline seat, with electric adjustment and heating ventilating massage, if sit still not feel well, also can change to the second row after parking intelligent massage chairs to relax, do not need to be aware of is that intelligent massage chair without a seat belt, you can’t ride in the vehicle.Located on the inner wall of the seat, there is also a touch LCD panel to control some electrical switches on the car. Compared with the luxurious atmosphere of the car, I think this LCD screen can be more science fiction and more futuristic.Moving forward, the kitchen and dining room are located in the middle of the car. The kitchen area on the left provides basic equipment such as induction cooker, washing pool, microwave oven and refrigerator. In the interval of the meeting, the administrative staff can also prepare a brief meal.The kitchen is directly opposite the dining room in the car, which is in the form of four-person seats and dining table. The size is not too big for this car, but there is no problem to take a break for a meal. In addition, the four seats in the dining room are equipped with seat belts, which can be taken when driving.Restaurant is behind the toilet area, inside the toilet inside the space is quite big, in addition to the regular toilet, sink, there is also a haven’t seen much of the lesbian device, a urine will only appear in the men’s room, the design is quite interesting, so if is urine, can separate men and women.There is also a red wine cabinet on the other side, which is simple in shape and provides a fixed position for goblet, red wine and tea set inside. I have a try, and the items fixed inside are quite firm, which can not be taken out without some strength and skills.In addition, the car also offers a 5000W inverter, a 24V 720Ah lithium battery, a 400L ultra-large net water tank, and a 200L grey water tank.To the tail of the train, which is another important place inside the car, a big conference rooms, leather package U big sofa and a table by soft material package edge, the lateral provides two separate airline seats, imagine the boss in the middle, on both sides of employees ranked, open a mobile year-end summing-up meeting, isn’t it interesting, however,My colleagues think it’s more of a poker place. What do you think?Good, this is based on Kim yong dae and create super luxury travel car is introduced here, as a bus with business saloon car, personal feel more suitable for those who have the super high-end corporate hospitality company, or people family travel long distances to use (premise is not to live in the car), now the price of this car is 3.88 million, how do you think?More rv video, rv information welcome to pay attention to rv intelligence, we see you next time ~