Liu Xinyu, a winter Olympic athlete with literary atmosphere

2022-05-01 0 By

Liu Xinyu, male, born on October 16, 1994 in Changchun, Jilin province, 28 years old this year, is known as the “Prince on ice”.He is tall enough to be a model, but he chose ice dance, which is more technical than modeling. Ice dance is similar to figure skating, but more artistic than figure skating, so athletes often have artistic temperament.Look at that, no problem, literary style, can be a leading man in a movie.Liu Xinyu is 1.9 meters tall, 30 centimeters taller than his partner, so it is more convenient to start lifting action, is a stable base.This winter Olympics he and his partner’s competition clothes are too beautiful, like a famous Chinese landscape painting “Thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains”, his clothes are turquoise, partner’s clothes are turquoise, the artistic conception of green mountains and clear water flowing on the skating field, and the spring evening dance “only this green” comparable.Liu xinyu, known as the “porter,” often carries his partner up and down, which is as easy for him as picking up a small child.It is easy to pick up a girl, but it is also easy to pick up a boy. Look at him holding the princess of Yuzuru Haneda, he can’t pick up without a certain height and strength.Is this still an addiction?Once again, is it a great sense of achievement to pick up Hiroda?You can pick it up anytime, anywhere.Some naughty netizens suggested that hanyu yuanyu and Liu Xinyu come to a pair of men’s skating, background music selection Miss Teresa Teng “Home”, finally Liu Xinyu once again tightly hold Hanyu Yuanyu, think about the scene are funny.Liu Xinyu in life is a gentle big boy, like fitness travel.Although muscular, there is no sense of brutality.He left his footprints in many places.