Make selenium rich land rich

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Spring Festival is approaching, yudu County zi Shan town rich in selenium vegetable industrial park, warm and harmonious.Bend over to water, look at the growth…Guo Yuehua, a villager in Gangnao village, zishan town, is busy managing towel gourd seedlings in a vegetable greenhouse at noon on January 22.Talking about today’s life, Guo Yuehua put down the hands of the live, breaking fingers to calculate a bill: “before farming a year can only earn 1000 yuan.After the village had a vegetable garden, I worked here with a monthly salary of 2,700 yuan.”She repeatedly sigh, “the party’s policy is good, the day is more and more prosperous!”Guo is not the only one who is elated.Not far away from the Xiatan farmers’ professional cooperative, zeng Aiqing, head of the greenhouse busy.Vegetable greenhouses, a ridge of fresh green pepper drops, happy growth, farmers are pruning, weeding, picking pepper.In 2019, Zeng Aiqing, who had been struggling in the food industry for many years, encountered a career bottleneck. Seeing the rapid development of the vegetable industry in his hometown, he returned to his hometown decisively and bought a stake in the cooperative.In 2021, he expanded his planting scale from 100 mu to 150 mu, increasing his income by more than 400,000 yuan.Entering the office of yudu County vegetable Association, Liu Xiaofu, director of Zishan Town vegetable Office, is discussing the vegetable planting plan for the New Year with Lai Xiangbiao, head of Shenzhen Maoxiong Group Jiangxi Company.Shenzhen Maoxiong Group is the key introduction of the whole industry chain leading enterprises in 2021.”We contracted more than 1,000 mu of vegetable greenhouses in Zishan Town, which helped more than 200 farmers find jobs last year.”Lai Xiangbiao introduced.Liu Xiaofu took over: “In recent years, the industrial park’s infrastructure has been constantly improved, and the industrial form has become richer.Last year, we not only introduced large leading enterprises, but also added more than 80 new growers.”In recent years, Yudu County vigorously sings the brand of “selenium-rich vegetables”, and the vegetable industry shows a rapid development trend.The selenium-rich vegetable Industrial Park in Zishan town alone produces more than 60,000 tons of selenium-rich vegetables every year, increasing the income of more than 1,000 farmers in the surrounding area.In 2021, Zishan Town was built as the first selenium-rich town in the county.Make selenium rich land rich.Seeing the prospect of the development of selenium-rich vegetable industry, In 2021, Yudu will focus on the idea of “selenium +X” to build four major industries, namely selenium-rich vegetables, selenium-rich navel oranges, selenium-rich rice, and selenium-rich poultry and eggs, to vigorously promote the development of selenium-rich agricultural industry.At present, 61,000 mu of se-rich agricultural demonstration base has been built, and 51 certified se-rich agricultural products have been sold throughout the country.Cao Zhangbao jiao Junjie