My younger brother was scared to death by firecrackers when he stole your chicken, do not compensate 500,000 with you!The court sentenced to

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The thief climbed over the wall to steal chickens and was scared to death by the sound of firecrackers. The family demanded 500,000 yuan in compensation.So, the thief was scared to death, the stolen family need to bear responsibility?In Nanyang, Henan Province, a man climbed over a wall and entered the home of a villager surnamed Sun in the middle of the night, intending to steal her old hens that laid eggs.During the theft, the chicken was uncooperative, struggling and screaming, which woke Ms Sun from her sleep.Seeing this, and thinking that she was the only one in the house, I was so frightened that I did not know what to do.I wanted to shout to scare off the thieves or call 911.But on second thought, neither approach seems appropriate.What if yelling, instead of scaring the thief away, leads to the bedroom and endangers your own safety?In the middle of the night, when the neighbors were asleep behind closed doors, there was little chance that they could hear their cries and come for help.If you call the police, the police in the middle of the night will certainly not be very timely. The rural police force itself is very weak, and the matter of stealing may not attract enough attention.Even if the police, such as the police from the distant town came to his home, the thief is estimated to have their own old hen disappeared without a trace.What to do?Ms. Sun suddenly realized that there was still a string of firecrackers in the room that had not been set off during the Chinese New Year.So the heart gave birth to a plan, lit a firecracker to throw into the yard, so that it can scare off thieves and keep their old hen, isn’t it perfect?Ms. Sun thought as she rummaged for firecrackers and lighters, then picked out a large firecracker and lit it and threw it through the window into the yard.But to Ms. Sun’s surprise, the thief was so scared that he had a heart attack and fell to the ground dead a short time later.Later, the thief’s family sued Ms. Sun, claiming more than 500,000 yuan.The reason is that the thief was scared to death because Ms. Sun lit firecrackers.Indeed, the thief’s death was directly related to being scared by the sound of gunfire, and we can understand the bereaved family’s grief.However, everything depends on the nature of the theory.Stealing is illegal, and breaking into a house is a crime, both illegal and immoral.Therefore, it is not reasonable for family members to claim compensation to Ms. Sun from any aspect. After all, their relatives have violated the law and lost their morality first.Besides, Ms. Sun is a stranger to the thief, and she doesn’t know the other side has a heart attack!If anyone knew, he would rather lose a few hens than kill a thief, let alone see him die of fright in his yard.Ms. Sun set off firecrackers to scare off thieves and protect herself and her property. She did not expect that a common act of setting off firecrackers would lead to the thief’s death.Therefore, although the death of the thief with Ms Sun set off firecrackers causal relationship, but she does not exist in the subjective fault.Moreover, Ms Sun’s act of setting off firecrackers to scare off the thieves was also deemed justifiable defence, so legally speaking, Ms Sun was not at fault and therefore should not be held responsible.In fact, the court also ruled that, directly rejected the thief’s family’s claim for compensation.This result makes a person look very gratified, can be said to be a person to clap hands, greatly happy people.Netizen Qilong Dashi commented on the incident: “Why did the thief’s family so justly ask for compensation? Shouldn’t it be a street rat?User Bihai Yuntian said: do you want to tell the thief, don’t panic, slowly choose, slowly take.Finally say: slow walk, do not wrestle such words?Netizen Miao erjie’s flower fun life said: after reading the judgment, I feel relieved that anyone must pay the price for his illegal behavior. If he has an accident when carrying out illegal behavior, it is purely to blame himself!Netizen yiyi cheese said: this thief is incompetent, all say thief has thief’s courage, how to put a hang of firecrackers to frighten to death?Atlantis said: “It’s amazing how many claims have been made since the first case was made.Netizen Fengyun 2885 said: the bereaved family is unreasonable, typical blackmail crime.Burglary is a crime, and you deserve to die of a heart attack.Some netizens think that Ms Sun should countersue the family of the thief for blackmail. Anyway, you have your own opinion, leave your insights in the comments section!I’ll see you tomorrow!For more exciting content, come to pay attention to tudou said that my brother was scared to death by firecrackers when he went to your house to steal chickens, and I will not stop with you for half a million!The court ruled that I, a salesgirl with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, took the boss’s 5.3 million yuan for myself with one move. Everyone raised their glasses and wished our hospital a prosperous career!The premarital mother-in-law forced her daughter’s boyfriend to experience the pain of childbirth, resulting in severe injuries and the removal of her small intestine