The chief engineer stayed up late to make the automatic cost calculation table, and the accuracy rate reached 99%, saving hundreds of millions of yuan for the company

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In recent years, the construction industry has developed rapidly. If enterprises want to stand firm and occupy a place in the rapid changes, they must improve their competitiveness, make great efforts in cost control and improve the profit space of projects.If you want to reduce the cost to the lowest to bring maximum benefits to the site, cost calculation is essential.Cost calculation involves a lot of engineering data, the calculation steps are complex and changeable, especially the quota calculation is not careful will make mistakes, so it is normal for engineers to stay up late to work overtime to do testing.Recently, we have a new intern in our construction site. He can calculate the cost quickly and well. He never works overtime every day.Later asked just know, originally he has the Excel automatic cost calculation table prepared by the chief engineer of China Construction, input data can be calculated automatically, is really fierce.This set of cost test form contains thousands of quota calculation formula has been input, we only need to input relevant parameters when we use can get the results, the calculation speed is more than ten times the hand, greatly improve the work efficiency, no longer work overtime.Excel automatic cost calculation table includes project cost test summary table, material quota database, direct cost calculation list and so on. The calculation results of each table are accurate to three digits after the decimal point, and the accuracy rate is up to 99%. There is no need to worry about mistakes.After I got to know him better, I asked for a copy from him. It is said that this form has saved their company hundreds of millions of yuan in cost. It is really impressive.