The family decorates inspect clew: bamboo floor, real wood floor shop installs technical point

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Family decoration supervision hint: bamboo floor, real wood floor pavement technical points 1, when the flatness error of the basic level is greater than 5mm, must use cement mortar leveling.2, moistureproof layer should be coated with waterproof coating or laid plastic film.3, wooden keel and base must be firmly connected, fixed point spacing should not be greater than 600mm.When the shop installs the floor directly on keel, the distance between main and secondary keel should be calculated according to the long and wide module of the floor to determine, make sure the floor is opposite to seam on the middle line of keel.4, wool floor and keel become 30 degrees or 45 degrees shop nail commonly, board seam is 2-3mm, the juncture of adjacent board should stagger.5, before floor shop is installed, should undertake strict selection, appropriate will grain, colour and lustre close concentration uses at a room or section.6, the length of floor nail should be 2.5 times the thickness of the plate, the nail cap should be flat.Fixed from the edge of the concave tenon 30 degrees tilt nail.Hardwood floors should be drilled first, the hole strength is 0.7-0.8 times of the floor nail straight strength.7, wool floor and floor pavement should have 8-10mm expansion joints between the wall.8, the floor should be planed after grinding, grinding should be along the direction of wood grain, grinding total should be controlled in 0.3-0.8mm.9, single-layer straight shop floor requirement basic unit must level off, without smeary.Before paving, a thin and uniform adhesive can be applied to the base to improve adhesion.When the shop is stuck, basic level and the backside of the floor all should brush glue, wait slightly cool after not sticking the hand undertakes shop to stick again.When assembling the board, the hammer pad should be used to beat the wood block tightly, and the board seam should not be greater than 0.3mm.The spilled glue should be cleaned up in time.Decoration owners can consult at any time