Why are movie tickets so expensive this Spring Festival?From ten yuan to break 50 yuan, will you go to see it

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Welcome to business as usual.The Spring Festival holiday just ended. What did you do during the Spring Festival?Apart from watching the Spring Festival Gala and visiting relatives and friends, did you go to see a movie or two?Yes, in recent years, watching movies during the Spring Festival holiday has become a trend for many young people. After all, for many young people, the Spring Festival is becoming less and less festive.People also hate walking around with their older siblings, having awkward conversations with relatives they may not see once a year, so it’s a good choice for many young people to take advantage of this rare Spring Festival holiday to catch a great movie or two at the cinema.Therefore, in the past few years, The Spring Festival has gradually become the most important period in China’s film market, with many blockbuster films competing for the Spring Festival period in the hope of box office success.So the Spring Festival season is also very busy this year, and cinemas are particularly keen to make money from it.The box office for the entire Spring Festival period is out today, and the total box office of Chinese films during the seven-day holiday exceeded 6 billion yuan.That number, though large, is down slightly from previous years, and attendance is down significantly from previous years.What’s the reason?There’s been a lot of teasing, there’s a very, very important reason that movie tickets are too expensive today.According to relevant statistics, the average ticket price of this year’s Spring Festival is the highest in the past. In previous years, the average ticket price of this year’s Spring Festival was about 42, 43, 46, and this year’s record exceeded 50, reaching a high of 54.A: Yes, the average ticket is close to 55 yuan. A movie for two and some drinks and popcorn will cost about 200 yuan.In particular, during the Spring Festival, many families go on family trips to see movies. Five or six or seven or eight members of a family go to see a movie, plus various peripheral consumption may cost as little as 1000 yuan.Today, going to the movies is a high cost, and many people say that the movies during the Spring Festival are good, but after all, they will spend a lot of time in the theater, and they plan to go to the movies during the non-Spring Festival holidays, when the ticket prices can be more or less lower.Why are ticket prices so high this Spring Festival?Of course, there are reasons for this. For a large number of cinemas, the past two years have been really unpleasant. As we all know, due to the epidemic, many cities are in the continuous closure and closure.Many theater that is really a long time, I rectified no business, and many film company also considered this, when the disease recurrent also took a picture to put, worry less than high box office, making a large number of the cinema in the past two years did not earn much money, so he pointed to the Chinese New Year with a fortune.The film industry is also aware that going to the movies during the Spring Festival has become a new custom in recent years, and there really isn’t much better entertainment for young people than family reunions and a long vacation.In particular, there was no outbound travel during the Spring Festival in the past. Many people took advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to travel overseas. Overseas travel has been stopped in the past two years, and domestic travel is not so good due to the repeated epidemic.So most young people either stay in their hometown or stay in the city where they work, the Spring Festival holiday is actually very boring.So cinemas anticipate that, knowing that for many young people movies are one of their few options, they dare to charge more.But on the other hand, young people vote with their feet when you raise prices too high.Today, some IMAX theaters in first-tier cities can even sell a movie ticket for 150 to 200 yuan. In the past, these IMAX theaters had very good 3D effects, and audiences were willing to pay a lot of money.But this Spring Festival all the movies are 2D, there is a 3D, such a state you still charge so much money will make many consumers feel it is not worth it.In this state, some people had planned to watch three or four movies, just watch one, some people even said that forget it, I will not watch movies during the Spring Festival, I choose other entertainment, right?For the Chinese film industry, to be honest, in the past two years because of our good control of the epidemic, we have become the world’s top box office.Because theater through customs clearance with other developed countries, and probably start from seven or eight years ago, an entire generation of young people, cultivate the habit of watching movies, I think the film industry practitioners should grasp this opportunity well, really don’t dry ze and fishing, deforestation and hunting, let a whole generation of young people because of high ticket prices lost viewing habits.Why do you say that?Let’s go ahead, so wouldn’t have been so good, in the movie industry in the 1980 s, China’s film industry is hard for a while, fire into the turn of the century, however, the film industry is very depression, many young people have no the habit of watching movies, do you think that when I see the VCD, DVD, very cheap to buy a disc,It’s also very comfortable to watch at home.It is only in the last decade that a truly national movie-watching habit has been developed.Do you know how this habit was developed?Low fares, actually.I don’t know if you remember how much it cost to buy a movie ticket eight years ago ten years ago?It was only about ten yuan, even at that time there were so many platforms that offered you a low ticket price of 99 yuan.Yes, the competition of Chinese Internet always starts from low price. At that time, the major platforms give a lot of ticket premium in order to attract customers.If you go to see a movie, the family platform will help you make up a sum of money, so that you can see a movie for more than ten yuan.Such low ticket prices attract a large number of young people to the cinema, and gradually the habit of watching movies is cultivated.As a result, the Spring Festival, eleven or five first gear, the film schedule gradually active.Young people also feel that going to the movies during their holidays is a very affordable option, so the box office of Chinese movies has set new records in the past few years.But now if the film practitioners feel that it is time to harvest, the original more than 10 yuan a ticket is too much loss, I have to adjust it to 50 yuan and 60 yuan, which will dampen the enthusiasm of many moviegoers.How much is the proper price for a movie ticket?Some people in developed countries have studied that the price of a movie ticket should not exceed 1% of an average person’s monthly salary, which is relatively reasonable.In other words, when most people around us only earn 3-4 yuan a month, it is relatively acceptable to sell movie tickets for 30 or 40 yuan.But if you sell it for a hundred and two hundred how would people accept it?In the long run, we are worried that this will hurt not only the Chinese New Year box office, but also that many people will stop watching movies altogether in the future.