Why are there so many Chinese faces on the U.S. Olympic figure skating team

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U.S. figure skating Olympic team why there are a large number of Chinese faces in the U.S. Olympic team this year, skating team performance is really outstanding, light men Chen Wei a man, he’s got a gold silver MEDALS, Chen wei, although he is a genuine American, but he still has an identity is the identity of the Chinese, American, such as Chen weiIt is very rare for Chinese americans to play figure skating. In fact, it is not rare. If you look back at the entire history of Chinese skating in the United States, you will find that Chinese athletes can occupy half of the country.All groups in the United States, and ethnic Chinese population accounts for only 7%, but why in this project can be more than 50%, I think a thought, the reason is probably three, because one is skating this project itself, is too costly, a lot of people probably don’t realize the, skating this project have much money, when I was watching the game, before somebody else’s commentary that is to say,Like top produce a skating talent, they pay a big millions of the normal, let’s think about it, a project cost is so high, inside which groups are more likely to develop top talent, is the rich group, Chinese, this group is lower, while in the United States, the percentage of 7%, but the base, on the base of a lot of circumstances,They have a high percentage of rich people, although they have money, which is the first important reason why they can produce a lot of top figure skaters.Reason is related to skating this project, it is skating this project is very special, he was very test a player’s flexibility and you the light, and we all know that a player, if he after puberty, he would inevitably rise a lot of weight, his flexibility will naturally fall a lot, let’s go to think Chinese groups or Asian group,Their overall growth and development is a little bit later than in the white population, or in the black population, and then a little bit longer through adolescence.Such characteristics can make a lot of Chinese players, when older, still can maintain a good body flexibility, then can light weight is lighter, and that in skating project, really is a very obvious advantages, especially women, advantage is obvious, so skating this project is a bit like the youth rice, Chinese players Asian players,His whole growth process, puberty comes later and then comes longer, which perfectly fits this point, so that the potential peak of these Chinese players can be extended a lot and the price ratio becomes higher, which is reason two.Reason is the power of a model involving the three, we all know, when in a group, there was a man in a successful, certainly many of his countrymen to follow him, to imitate him, everyone think over there in the United States, many black players put lebron James or Michael Jordan when idol, because the two black star on the basketball,A lot of success, they will lead to the two men, I’m going to play basketball, I go to succeed, a lot of people are all the people as a role model, I think it is very normal, in the Chinese American community, when a lot of Chinese players, in skating this project has made great success, personal fame and fortune, they will certainly learn.Corresponding many other groups to see Chinese American players, so good, but own this group did not show up so many excellent talents, they will naturally have the awareness of congenital, feel this project is not fit for our community, is suitable for Chinese groups, the impression is let the entire Chinese population, are enthusiastic about skating on this project,As a result of these factors, there are a lot of Chinese faces in American figure skaters.