Xuanwei held a meeting to create a provincial civilized city sprint

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On February 9th, xuanwei create provincial civilized city the sprint meeting, fully implement the central, provincial and qujing city of chong wen work deployment requirements, a summary review early work, arrange deployment YingJian test work, to mobilize the whole city full power, struggling to sprint, to the best prepared, the best state, the optimal style test good and provincial “big test”,Firmly ensure that Xuanwei successfully create a provincial civilized city.Zhu Kairong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Qujing Municipal People’s Congress and Secretary of xuanwei Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that since the start of the cultural creation work, the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to the creation of a provincial civilized city as a major political task and major livelihood project, and held a series of meetings to study the deployment and strongly promote the implementation.Departments at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres, especially in the city streets, community cadres at the grass-roots level, hard work, work hard, pay a lot of effort and sweat, through the joint efforts of everyone, the city face huge improvement, infrastructure to be more perfect, citizen civilized habit gradually, the popularity and create satisfaction, links and material,It has laid a good foundation for successful creation.But also want to be aware sobriety, to the standard evaluation standard, to the table evaluation point, the creation work still exists many problems and gap.Zhu Kairong stressed that the creation of a provincial civilized city to meet the test work is about to be fully launched, meet the test has arrived at the critical moment of every minute, can not tolerate the slightest paralysis carelessness, a little lax and errors may be abandoned, failure.The city’s various departments at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres must clear understanding to the current work of the gravity of the problem and the urgency of the time, to sit still, afford to wait, slow may not sense of urgency, to speed up the supplement the short board weaknesses, hold firmly grasp the real measurement work, race against time, fight, fight decisive, sprint, and resolutely to ensure successfully created the provincial civilized city.Zhu requested that we focus on key points, target our efforts, and do our best to welcome inspection and test with measures of “fine and fine, solid and solid”.Create provincial civilized city to evaluate the battle to win, must at the target, focused, precise and efficient, full, general assault to “nail” the spirit of doing real fine YingJian meet each work, to do all kinds of problems all reset, the measurement point strives for perfection, improve urban and rural environment, and civilization friendly YingJian meet test, the questionnaire for full marks, negative list strictly controls,Ensure maximum results in the shortest possible time.To precise scheduling, compaction responsibility, with “efficient operation, strict supervision and inspection” to ensure good inspection and test.All levels and departments of the city must focus on the target tasks, further strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen overall planning and coordination, layer upon layer compaction responsibility, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, to ensure the smooth passing of the assessment.Zhu Kairong stressed that the work of literary creation has arrived at the critical moment of seizing the moment.The whole city must battle the alert, spell the full force of crucial, carry on runoff, to not accomplished the will of the retreat, never to don’t I stay, seize every minute drive, with ends well, the good good resilience, concerted effort, grasped the nettle, indomitable, should firmly seize to create an all-round victory in the provincial civilized city,To the people of the city to hand over a satisfactory answer!Xu Taiquan, a first-level researcher and former deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of Qujing Municipal Committee, former director of Qujing Civilization Office and former full-time deputy director of Creative culture Office, attended the meeting to guide, and put forward specific requirements for the details, methods and matters for attention of doing a good job in welcoming and testing creative literature.Xuanwei vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor Xu Shaofa host meetings and stressed that the city’s various departments at all levels should be highly keen vigilance, “and in” the confidence of the determination, in the “finishing, a match in” the last minute, bite the bullet and do our best to launch the last charge, playing good finishing, gaining scores again, firmly seize the “create a provincial civilized city”) the final victory.We should grasp and implement the standards and tables, immediately enter the combat state, do a good job of careful and meticulous preparation, combined with the job responsibilities and their own reality, formulate a scientific and effective work plan, ensure that the organization is in place, research and judgment in place, scheduling in place, support in place and emergency treatment in place, and successfully complete the task of welcoming inspection and testing.To bear the responsibility firmly, all municipal units, resident publicity units and enterprises should arrange personnel to clean up the responsible section from 8:00 to 20:00 every day according to the relevant requirements of grid, and organize the internal and external courtyard and office area of the unit to carry out environmental sanitation cleaning before 8:30 every day.Living building, public security, six streets to strengthen market regulation and proper joint law enforcement, the primary and secondary trunk road out into management in urban areas, vehicle fail to stop, traders, the market, “in front of the five package” responsibility to implement and so on to carry out the comprehensive improvement, to refuse to perform, refuses to correct them or convictions, freer-market heavy fines, and in the “integrity of red HeiBang” HeiBang centrally exposure;Led by the Creative and Cultural Affairs Office, volunteers from municipal units are organized to carry out civilized persuasions at major intersections, bus stops and zebra crossings in the city from 8:00 to 20:00 every day.The market Authority will take the lead in carrying out thorough cleaning of the inside, outside and vicinity of the market to keep the environment clean and tidy.To the true face difficult problems, yan and village (town, street) contracting group, 6 bid group and the city commission for discipline inspection committee to synchronize linkage special enforcement team, penetration and investigations, the level and the overall, both positive and negative, or machine combined with random way, carry out supervision inspection, problem, assigned by rectification, asked began to chase for the night;Municipal departments and streets should take the initiative to serve, fight together, take the initiative to identify problems, heart to a place to think, to a place to make, rivifoot decisive force, do their best to sprint, to ensure that with excellent results to win the provincial civilized city crown!At the meeting, Ye Xujun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of Xuanwei and minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Committee of Xuanwei, made comprehensive arrangements for the work of welcoming the inspection and testing of creative articles.Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Government and the leading group of the Municipal CPPCC, leaders and cadres at other section-level;Responsible persons of municipal party committee and municipal government departments, commissions and offices, enterprises and public institutions, people’s organizations, and resident publicity units;Main party and government leaders, responsible leaders, community Party organization secretary, director;Secretaries of the Party Committees and Party Working Committees of 23 townships (towns and subdistricts) outside the urban built-up areas;Creative sprint supervision group and related personnel of the municipal Creative and Cultural Office attended the meeting.