Young cadres in Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, make an appointment with snow and ice to celebrate the Winter Olympic Games

2022-05-01 0 By

The picture shows young cadres in Beidaihe district experiencing the tug-of-war project on snow.Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Shi Yuan correspondent Guo Xu) recently, Qinhuangdao Beidaihe District Party Committee organization department, district education and sports bureau jointly organized “in the heart of the Party strong district I welcome the Winter Olympics to celebrate the New Year” young cadres theme Party day activities, the district more than 90 selected students, civil servants and other young cadres to participate in the activities.This activity through experience snow tug-of-war, snow skiing, skating and so on project, guide the young cadres to learn the games knowledge, understand its culture, inheriting the games spirit, encourage young cadres to set up the concept of fitness, strength training exercise habits, exercise, to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, progressive, advocating positive, civilized and healthy way of life,Create a lively and harmonious atmosphere to welcome the New Year.After the event, the young cadre representatives shared their feelings and experiences based on their own work and growth experience, combined with participating in a series of activities, such as special training on improving their ability to perform their duties, and the theme of “There is a Strong Party in the heart, there is me”.Everyone said that the series of activities enhanced their enthusiasm and initiative in learning, will be more high morale and full of enthusiasm, quickly into the New Year’s work, to contribute to the construction and development of Beidaihe District of a new generation of young power.In the future, beidaihe district will continue to increase the intensity of young cadres training, growth and career development needs, based on cadres by “Dai He hall” “casting the soul of engineering training, exercise”, to make the platform, improve the capacity of young cadres we will substantially raise the overall quality of young cadres and executing ability, for promoting the construction of the new age of strong coastal area, health provide a strong organizational guarantee.