Yu Hua conducts field research on urban construction and works on site

2022-05-01 0 By

On the morning of February 3, Yu Hua, the county head, conducted a field survey of urban construction work, listened to reports on urban construction projects and coordinated solutions to difficulties and problems.The county government office, urban management bureau, industrial agglomeration area, business center area and other units in charge of the survey.Yu Hua has come to huangguo Road, industrial avenue, business center area, Huangchuan and other places.In each place, Yu Hua listened to the report of urban construction quality improvement, learned about the greening, lighting and road construction in detail, and proposed solutions to existing difficulties and problems on the spot.Yu hua stressed that promoting urban quality construction plays an important role in improving urban functions, improving urban quality, improving urban environment and promoting urban development.All relevant units should further unify their thoughts, improve their understanding, cooperate closely and form joint forces to provide strong guarantee for project construction.We should speed up the implementation of key projects and promptly identify and solve difficult problems to ensure smooth progress of projects.To ensure that the people in mind, for the people everywhere, further clarify the responsibility of the main body, speed up the progress of construction, earnestly implement various policies and funds, strive to enable the masses to enjoy the fruits of urban construction as soon as possible.