Border year, home national conditions

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The Spring Festival means family reunion.But there is a group of people, when the lights are on, they can’t get with their families;When we unload the tired rest of a year, they still stick to their posts, stationed at the border of the motherland.They are the immigration police who guard the border.Their years in the border, their love for home country!Tonghua, Jilin — Cold water, cold water heart not cool red lanterns hung high, fu character window flowers laughing.On New Year’s Eve, the police in Liangshui Border Police station of Tonghua Border Control Detachment in Jilin province were busy. They just helped Jin Shunyu set up her home, and then took her and two other Korean aunts who had no one to accompany her to the police station.In the canteen of the police station, the police and the Korean aunt make dumplings together, and cook their specialties, busy.”Dumplings!Chinese New Year!”Everyone toasted together, “police camp year”.Located at the southern foot of laoling branch of Changbai Mountain, Liangshui Korean Nationality township in Ji ‘an city of Jilin Province is a multi-ethnic town and an important border town along the border between China and Korea.Liangshui Border Police Station of Tonghua Border Management Detachment is stationed here day after day as an important border guard force.Kim Shun-ok, 71, lives opposite the police station and has been an “old neighbor” of the station for more than 10 years.Because her wife’s surname was Yin, everyone affectionately called her “Aunt Yin”.”Yin aunt, the second elder brother to your mail express arrived.”Kim Soon-ok’s son hasn’t been home for Spring Festival in two years.Every year before the Spring Festival, he would send Kim a Courier to the police station, which would be handed over by the police.However, the delivery was both gratifying and unwelcome for Kim.”My oldest son works in South Korea, my second son works in Tianjin, and my wife passed away a few years ago.The police in the police station help me with all my family affairs, and I regard them as my own sons.”Kim soon-ok said.On the cabinet of Jin Shunyu’s home, the photos are plastered all over the place to confirm this love.Together with the police firewood cooking, singing and dancing, together to celebrate the festival, as if the more faded photos, the more warm affection.For more than 10 years, the police have come and gone, but no matter who came, their care for Kim Soon-ok and their concern for each other remained unchanged.Kim Soon-ok often says, Who said I am an old man living alone?There are so many sons to keep me company.””In recent years, many young people in the district have gone out to work or go abroad for labor, and there are several aunts living alone like Yin.”Che Liping, an instructor at Liangshui Border police station of Tonghua Border Management Detachment, said that every New Year’s Eve, the police would invite them to the station to celebrate the festival.This year, the police also received Yin aunt specially prepared for them red socks.Teacher Che Liping of Liangshui Border Police Station sends Spring Festival greetings audio: 00:00/00:45 Pay true feelings, harvest warmth.As the saying goes, “Cool water, cool water, not cool heart”.”Thank you for inviting me to celebrate Chinese New Year with you!I have a small idea, please don’t tell Jun Qiang, my child and I want to give him a surprise.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, Wang Xin, who lives in Langfang, Hebei province, received a call from the border checkpoint of Bai Zhen, a member of jilin Baishan Border Control Detachment, inviting her to spend the Spring Festival at her husband Zhu Junqiang’s unit.The changbai “no man’s land” manned by the border checkpoint of Changbai Town is located in the northeast of Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Jilin Province, with high mountains, dense forests, complex terrain, harsh environment, few people and inconvenient transportation and communication.The short summers are full of mosquitoes, and the long winters are covered with endless snow.After zhu got married in 2015, he rarely went home, let alone spent Spring Festival with his family.This year, Wang and her children traveled to her husband’s office for a rare reunion.I finally got to the checkpoint.After a short rest, Wang Xin went into the kitchen to prepare a surprise for Zhu Junqiang.”The leader, the army strong likes to eat the sugar triangle that I pack especially, take walnut kernel inside.Please take it with him when he goes on patrol.”Wang Xin picked up the sugar triangle just out of the pot, said to deputy stationmaster Li Peng.In changbai “no man’s land” led by zhu Junqiang patrol missions to take advantage of the rest gap, while the new police told the story of the past patrol, while cooking from the heat of rice.He took over the sugar triangle handed over by colleagues, Zhu Jun took a strong bite and tasted the taste he had not seen for a long time. “How is this sugar triangle filled with walnut kernel?And my wife do exactly the same ah!””Father!Suddenly, zhu turned his head and found his loved one standing behind him.Zhu Junqiang quickly put down the sugar triangle in his hand, ran over and hugged his wife and children tightly.It turned out that After Zhu Junqiang set out on patrol, Wang Xin asked the leaders of the station to go to the place guarded by her husband.Snow ai, mountain road is difficult, looking at the difficult environment, Wang Xin eyes have been spinning tears can not stop.From Langfang city to Changbai County, a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers.Although the rush is hard, but the reunion makes the cold and empty “no man’s land” become particularly warm.Binocular Peak border checkpoint located in Binocular Peak area, Erdao Baihe Town, Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, is the only land border port between China and North Korea.Snow starts falling here every September.The eight-month snowfall period brings the average annual temperature of Binocular Peak around -7 degrees Celsius, with the lowest temperature reaching -47 degrees Celsius.On New Year’s Eve, police officers at binfeng border check point are on duty to welcome the arrival of the New Year.The wind is biting and flags are flying.Patrol the deepest snow has been up to the thigh, the police forward speed also decreased.When the line to 55 boundary monument, the police stopped, in the face of the sacred boundary monument make a New Year’s wish, affectionately bless the prosperity of the great motherland.In order to let the masses have a safe and peaceful festival, in the northeast border of the motherland, yanbian border management detachment of the police are not only rooted in the border gatekeeper, but also made a barber, calligrapher.Wei Haotian is yanbian border management detachment and dragon brigade ancient city border police station.Rich experience in front-line work told him that the most important thing to deal with the masses well is to solve the urgent and anxious problems of the villagers, so as to win the trust of the villagers.Since January, in the face of the area of the villagers more and more haircut demand, Wei Haotian initiative to the unit leadership to give up the Spring Festival holiday, decided to stick to the post, the establishment of “Haotian barber room.”With a clipper, a pair of scissors, a chair and a mirror, Officer Wei became a barber.Wei Haotian’s border police station in the ancient city, based on this, not only provided free haircuts to villagers in the area, but also actively publicized border laws and regulations to the masses.Wei haotian also provides door-to-door services for the elderly and the villagers with mobility difficulties, which has won praise from the villagers in the area under his jurisdiction.”The door to greet dawn financial resources, hana spring breeze auspicious” “Family photo, spring guangyao mantang spring”……On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Helong Brigade yonghua border police station actively carried out the activity of “Immigrant police report to the people — police send blessings and Spring Festival couplets”.Police station police in nanping town Gaoling village committee with enthusiasm, with a splash of ink, through a full of blessings of Spring Festival couplets, the blessing to the masses.The calligraphy and painting table was crowded with villagers who came one after another, waiting for the Spring Festival couplets created by the police.”I never thought the immigration police could not only catch criminals, but also write such good handwriting!”Took the police handed to the “fu” word, district villagers Zhang Shuling said happily.(Ren Shuang, all-media reporter of Guangming Daily) Source: Ren Shuang, all-media reporter of Guangming Daily